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Welcome, Dear Reader, to the Cosmic Cauldron. Since you’re here, you must be a lover of real books. Our shop shelves may be virtual, but you can still browse at leisure and the second hand book you buy here will be real. All books for sale will have a photo – so you know exactly what you are receiving, rather than you having to choose from a vague verbal description.

Our second hand books are priced on condition and availability – some of the books we stock are very rare and are priced accordingly. When browsing, please bear in mind that books with a mostly black cover rapidly acquire a ‘dusty’ look and books with metallic covers or titles damage very quickly, despite the best of care. For further clarification, please see our condition grading guide.

We provide a range of shipping options to suit your needs. If you live within the Blue Mountains we’ll remove the shipping charges altogether if you choose to pickup your books from us. We can also personally deliver your books to your location within the mid/upper Blue Mountains at a reduced rate. We ship across the world at highly competitive rates also. To discover more, please see our shipping rates.

More stock being added weekly. Enjoy your good book.

If you are unable to find the book that you’re after please don’t hesitate to email us via the contact page.

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