Jock Lewis was supposed to have died in the Paddington train crash.  Minty had received a letter from Great Western.  But the police hadn’t been in touch – and Jock had gone off with all her savings.  Zillah has also received a letter from the train company that her husband, Jerry Leach, was dead.  She didn’t really believe the story but chose not to mention her doubts in the face of a marriage proposal from James, an up-and-coming MP.  Jeff Leigh had appeared in the life of successful banker Fiona, just before that terrible rail crash.  Although he never seemed to be in work and borrowed money from her, she loved him.  And there were yet more women, unknown to each other, who all had a romance with a dark haired man who, after a little while, had vanished from their lives. Yet Jock’s ghost appeared to Minty at home – at work – in the cinema.  He even touched her.  Minty began to carry a knife.  If he wasn’t made of shadows – would he bleed?