Tyson is best known for his radio work, particularly with  ABC Radio Brisbane where he commenced as a cadet announcer in 1939. He subsequently became known for presenting a national breakfast program along with the popular Hospital Half-Hour program. Following disagreements regarding the direction of the breakfast program, Tyson resigned from the ABC in 1966. After leaving the ABC, Tyson worked for commercial station until his retirement in 1976. He was the first person to appear on ABC television in  Queensland, when Brisbane station ABQ commenced transmission on 2 November 1959.  He wrote several books of material from the Hospital Half-Hour program full of fun little moral fables, the humor of every day life, pithy sayings and of course, the wisdom of the famous Ah Too, Chinese wise man. Gems in this volume include: How To Kill Almost Any Organisation, Terse Verses and Up-To-Date Nursery Rhymes.