The sequel to The Empire of Ice. Earth lies on the edge of a second ice age, triggered by an erupting volcano in the North Atlantic. A cloud of ash and steam has darkened the Northern Hemisphere, destroying crops, bringing commerce to a standstill and leaving millions dead. The United States faces the prospect of an endless winter. Yet the world leaders are paralysed by apathy, avarice and fear. Ben Meade, maverick geologist, recognises the scope of the problem. With his lover and fellow scientist Marjorie Glynn, he begins to supervise the construction of biospheres across the country to shelter refugees from the deathly cold and restore agricultural production. With time running out, Ben devises a brilliant scheme to divert the Gulf Stream and bring the Earth’s weather back into balance. But the nations of the Southern Hemisphere have been reaping windfall profits from their harvests and there those among them who will stop at nothing to destroy the competition.