This volume contains: Willa : a young couple seek the bright lights of a nearby town and end up playing the jukebox – for eternity; The Gingerbread Girl; Harvey’s Dream; Rest Stop: a crime writer is faced with a real-life crime and must call on his alter-ego; Stationary Bike: a young out-of-shape widower only wants to get fit yet finds he has inadvertently become a killer; The Things They Left Behind; a man who escaped the carnage of 9/11 is charged with returning the personal possessions of his deceased workmates to their families; Graduation Afternoon; N.; The Cat From Hell; The New York Times At Special Bargain Rates; Mute – a man with a cheating, thieving wife gives a lift to a deaf-mute hitch-hiker and tells him his story – a decision which has bizarre consequences;  Ayana; A Very Tight Place – the victim of a madman trapped in an impossible and deadly situation receives help from a most unexpected source.