Rigby Books Of Australia Edition. No Roads To Go By: Myrtle Rose White: A classic of the Australian outback which reveals the hardships and isolation of life in the almost uninhabited thousands of square miles of the inland. These are the days before refrigerators or School Of The Air, and before the Flying Doctor Service existed. It is a record of difficulty, strain and natural climatic cruelty with the pulse of vitality and human feeling as well as ready laughter.   This title now becoming scarce.                                                                                                       The Block With The One Holer: The title refers to the famous ‘drop hole dunny’ beloved of Australian historians and humourists.  Set in the small Australian town of Bowley on a small orchard, the block belongs to Bluey Jacks, his wife Flo, their two sons and Flo’s Dad.  Bluey is always ready to ‘give it a go’ – whether it’s riding a bull, finding the right words to say to the local curate when he’s just about to make the winning stroke in a cricket match, or helping out a mate in distress. There are plenty of escapades and local fun, not to mention Bluey’s constant flow of money-making ideas and his entire family’s unstinting support, even for the most absurd and unlikely schemes. Down to earth Aussie humour in the style of Steele Rudd’s characters Dad and Dave.                                                                                                                 West Of The Bight: One man’s record of a carefree wandering trip without any time limit through a fascinating region. An entertaining and informative account which highlights colourful characters against a background of huge forests, thriving townships and industries from cattle-raising to trout-farming.