A load of chillers from masters modern and venerated. This volume contains: The Peace of Mowsle Barton, ‘Saki’; The Fenstanton Witch, M.R. James; Unburied Bane, N. Dennett; The Toad Witch, Jessica Amanda Salmonson; Carven of Onyx, Ron Weighell; Furze Hollow, A.M. Burrage; Miss Cornelius, W.F. Harvey; One Remained Behind, Marjorie Bowen; Catnip, Robert Bloch; The Yew Tree, Shamus Frazer; Gramma, Stephen King; The Hollow of the Three Hills, Nathaniel Hawthorne; The Taking, Roger Johnson; The Day of the Underdog, Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes; The Executor, David. G. Rowlands; Gavon’s Eve, E.F. Benson; The Witch’s Cat, Manly Wade Wellman.