Book III of The Crucible. The angels have been scheming for aeons and they will not allow Thomas Neville or Hal Bolingbrooke to spoil their triumph. Where Neville thought to have choice, he finds only despair; where he thought to find love, he finds only the angels’ entrapments. England is reeling under supernatural plagues and treachery-driven rebellions. Bolingbrooke must raise his sword against friend and foe like to save his throne and unite his kingdom. Mary, his wife, watches and waits, knowing her husband wants her dead, yet she also understands that her role in the unfolding drama may well be the strangest of all. Mankind’s fate rests on the outcome of three battles: Agincourt, where Bolingbrook challenges Philip for Catherine and for France; the sacrificial ground before Joan’s pyre where Neville must choose between his love for Margaret and the will of the angels; and the Field of Angels itself – Heaven, where Christ watches and waits.