Master spies Seregil and Alec are no strangers to peril.  Nightrunning for wizards and nobles has led them into plenty of deadly situations.   But sometimes a greater danger can lurk beneath a Traitor’s Moon. Seregil and Alec  have spent two years in self imposed exile, far from their adopted homeland of Skala and the bitter memories there.  But their time of peace is shattered when Queen Idrilain asks them to aid her daughter on a mission to Aurennen, the land from which Seregil was exiled in his youth.  He must confront the demons of his dark past in this fabled land of magic and honour.  Alec discovers an unimagined heritage.  Caught between Skala’s need and the ancient intrigues of the Aurenfaie, they are drawn into a growing web of treachery and betrayal.