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  • Bless This House (2)

    The house was built in the Old Queen's time for an Elizabethan pirate who was knighted for the plunder he brought home. It survived many eras and many reigns - it saw the passing of Cromwell and the Civil War.  It  was rescued by an illiterate woman farmer, became rich with an Indian Nabob and poor with a twentieth century hotelier.  Children, both heirs and bastards, were born there. It had ghosts, legends and a history that grew stranger with every generation. Never be put off by the covers of any book by Norah Lofts.  She always told a wonderful story, no matter what time period she had chosen.

  • naughty ninetiesnaughty nineties
    Toward the end of the prudish Victorian Age came the Naughty Nineties.  No-one remembers, however, why they were so naughty.  This novelty pop up book explains why.
  • Australian Driving Manual
  • Quite a rollicking tale of corrupt soldiers and starving convicts, set in a South Pacific penal colony in 1790.  Into this alien world comes Corporal Phelim Halloran: Innocent and lover, poet and scholar and soldier-by-accident who attempts to make a world for himself in this non-conducive setting. First published in 1967.
  • fool hath saidfool hath said
  • clotted rot
    Back in the day The Bulletin was known as the 'swagman's friend', keeping him up to date with news, work opportunities and sometimes just something to lighten the spirits.  This is a selection of stories, verse, cartoons and jokes from the 1880s to the 1900s. Uniquely Australian!
  • canary jacket
    Richard Jago, 14-year old Cornish lad, saw no harm in helping his father and brother smuggle brandy ashore.  But thye are cuaght and Richard is sentenced to 14 years transportation in the penal colony of 1830s New South Wales.  Adventures on the seas, cruel masters and the temptation to abscond...But then Richard finds a new family.
  • quest of youth
    An unusual edition:  a paperback with a dust jacket.
  • the maharajah
    From the author of The Once and Future King. This volume contains: The Maharajah; A Sharp Attack of Something or Other; The Spaniel Earl; Success or Failure; Nostradamus; No Gratuities; The Troll; The Man; The Black Rabbit; Kin to Love; Soft Voices at Passenham; The Point of Thirty Miles; A Rosy Future, Anonymous; Not Until Tomorrow; The Philistine Cursed David by His Gods; A Link with  Petulengro.
  • good intentionsgood intentions
    Nash does have a good sly poke at society in this outing of verses, including  the Axis powers of World War II - and how not to annoy them!
  • i love galesburg in the springtime
    Fun fantasy and time stories: I Love Galesburg in the Springtime - a town does not want to forget its past and begins producing random 'memories'; Love, Your Magic Spell Is  Everywhere - what happens when two work colleagues find a novelty shop with a difference; Where the Cluetts Are - a couple find their perfect house in an old blueprint - and the house seems to have found the perfect tenants; Hey, Look At Me!  A shy young author dies, but still wants to leave his mark on the world...All these and six more fantastic tales.  A book for the serious collector - very hard to get.
  • Harvie Krumpet
    The biography of an ordinary man seemingly curses with perpetual bad luck. From being born with Tourette's Syndrome, to getting struck by lightning; from having his testicle removed to developing Alzheimer's disease; Harvey's troubles seem unending.  Yet he learns many lessons in life an enjoys its many fruits. He finds love, freedom, nudity and ultimately, the true meaning of what it is to be human.
  • Mike Shayne Magazine
    Features four stories: Death In Texas; Four Knights; Deadly Queen; Motorcycle. Undated publication by Federal Publishing Company Pty Limited, Waterloo.
  • Andersonville

    The North had Rock Island - the South had Andersonville. The names of both of these prisons, during the American Civil War, struck horror  into the hearts of those on both sides. This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, acclaimed as one of the finest Civil War stories since Gone With The Wind, does not only look at the prison camp, but at the lives of those it touched - weaving a story which is regarded as deeply disturbing, moving, grotesque, beautiful, brutal and comic. Regarded as an excellent companion book to GWTW.

  • Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
    What did famous actress Marina Gregg see just before a murder was committed in her house? Who or what caused her expression to change so violently that one observer was reminded of the famous quote from Tennyson?
  • summer of sir lancelot
    The infamous Sr Lancelot Spratt, now retired, wants only to vegetate in Wales and fish the old Witches' Pool on is land.  But is it on his land? Chadwick, Sir Lancelot's new neighbour and a marmalade tycoon, claims that the pond is his, by right, deed and title. Sir Lancelot's breakneck visit to London to enlist his solicitors in the battle with Chadwick set off an uproarious chain of events and proves that even in retirement, Sir Lancelot is still a force to be reckoned with. Nor has his retreat to the countryside weakened his penchant for arranging the lives of others  - with results frequently to his own embarrassment.
  • Fair CompanyFair Company
    This epic novel traces the lives of the women of one family from 1806 to the 1930's.  Set against accurately-researched backgrounds, this is not just a romance.  Ideal read for a wet Sunday afternoon.
  • Belles On Their ToesBelles On Their Toes
    The sequel to Cheaper By The Dozen.
  • 009british women go to war
    An om-the-spot record of what the women of England were doing in World War II :  The land army, civil defence, munitions and so much more.  Full of handsome colour plates.
  • DSCN1656
    On the banks of a river lies the naked body of a brutally murdered young girl. AT the local high school, Samson boasts to Matt and his friends that he killed her.  Drunk and stoned, the teens go to the river to discover that Samson isn't lying.  Oddly, they decide to protect Samson behind a loyal wall of secrecy.  Tormented with guilt, Matt questions their silence - should he do what he thinks is right or live with this demon for the rest of his life?  Based on a horrifying real event. Excess postage charged at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • world's most fantastic freaks
    The word 'freak' can easily conjure up the image of a squalid Victorian side show exhibit; yet behind the peep show curtains, the medical textbooks and screaming headlines, these are people who were thrust into a prying, probing limelight because they were different.  Among those detailed here are John Merrick, the Elephant Man; Alice, The Faceless Child; Louise, the Four Legged Woman; Siamese twins Daisy and Violet Hilton, who married and lived with their husbands successfully, as well as featuring in Tod Browning's famous film Freaks; wild children and many more.
  • now listen, mate

    O'Grady writes with his usual wit and ironic humour on sex, art, women, politicians, weddings, God, censorship and much more in his wonderful unique way. Typical Aussie humour:  he observes, with detachment, what life has taught him.  Illustrated by Frank Benier.

  • DVD Edge Of Darkness
    Thomas Craven is a veteran homicide detective for the Boston Pollice department and a single father.  When his only child, 24 year old Emma is murdered on the steps of his home, everyone assumes he was the target.  But he soon suspects otherwise and embarks on a mission to discover his daughter's secret life and her murder. His investigation leads him into a dangerous, looking-glass world of corporate cover-ups, government intrigue and murder. - and to shadowy government operative Darius Jedburgh who's been sent in to clear up the evidence. Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • good wivesgood wives
    The March girls are beginning to grow up and must make their way in the wide world.  It is well known that Alcott based the character of Jo on herself and while Alcott never married, she let her alter-ego have a romance.  A perennial classic.
  • tigers and traitors
  • australia new zealand and some islands of the south seas
    From the Carpenter's World Tracels series.  A fascinating look at life as it was here - in 1926! With 126 photographs and enticing chapter headings, such as: Life on the Sheep Station; The Three R's in Australia; Gold Diggings in Creek and Desert; Social Pests and Mutton and Butter for London Tables.
  • More Girls From Esquire
    A hysterically funny vintage look at the war between the sexes. Contents include: Woman, the Necessary Evil : Truth and fiction about some highly disreputable ladies (!); All for Love: Or how the grand passion can become the big heartbreak; The Lady Speaks Her Mind: Or where Dr. Kinsey left off; Women of the World : Idsadora Duncan, Ingrid Bergman and the career woman; Sugar and Spice: Bittersweet commentaries on feminine foibles; Science and Sex: Marriage and bedfellows; A Dying Race - Mistresses; How well do you know women? Contributors include: Stuart Cloete, Ferenc Molnar, Paul Gallico and Robert Switzer