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  • buffalo soldiers

    Lietenant Garrett Byrne has just recently been promoted to take command of a squad of black soldiers. Irish-born and no-nonsense, he clashes frequently with his second-in-command, and struggles with his feelings over being placed in charge of such a squad. His troop is assigned the duty of guiding and protecting a band of reservation Comanches who want to hunt buffalo. Along the way, they encounter hide hunters, a white homestead family with a mother and two small children, and a band of Indian-hunting Texas Rangers. It's a volatile mix was the journey becomes a grim tale of chase and survival amid racial hatred and violence.

  • Falcon, The
    A tale set in the reign of Charles II - kings and princes, cavaliers and courtesans, flashing blades and raking shot from tall ships. There are plots and counterplots simmering under the glittering mask of court life and all Englishmen see a deadly threat in the ambitions of Louis XIV.
  • Clocks, The
    Fabulous retro cover.
  • DSCN1644
    Haunted by the bizarre suicide of a patient, New York psychologist Bill Capa escapes to L.A. to stay with a former colleague.  But chilling encounters follow him - his associate is found brutally murdered, and Capa begins  dangerous affair with Rose, a woman he knows very little about.  Rose fulfils Capa's every fantasy, but the more they become entangled, the more the mystery surrounding Rose deepens. When Capa's life suddenly becomes endangered as he comes closer to identifying the killer of his associate, and Rose becomes a tantalising mystery Capa must solve - if he can stay alive long enough.
  • Fowlers bottling
    The Fowler Vacola Jar method of preserving fruit and vegetables out of season was world famous and it looks to be coming back into fashion as more and more people grow their own food.  Contains very detailed instructions and is a must for those wishing to live the alternative, slower-paced lifestyle.
  • DVD 2012 Doomsday
    On December 21, 2012, four strangers on a spiritual journey are drawn to an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico.  For the Mayans, it is the last recorded day.  For NASA scientists, it is a cataclysmic polar shift. For the rest of us - it's Doomsday. Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • dinkum Aussie  Oddities
    Contains plenty that could only be found in Australia:  Snake Gully's 'Dad and Dave' statues near Gundagai; the famous 'Dog on the Tuckerbox'; The Big Cod at Tocumwal and the Big Yabby at Wentworth; The Big Sapphire near Anakie and much more...and not forgetting the infamous 'Furphy.'   This book would make a great gift to relatives overseas just to prove that Australians really are a 'weird mob.'
  • geniusDSCN3085
    Leander Starr, famous director and famous deadbeat, is on the run from alimony payments to two ex-wives, the Internal Revenue Department, financial support for his long unseen daughter and from the formidable and wealthy Mrs Worthington Pomeroy - who could put him back on Easy Street, if only he could stand the sight of her.  Enter an assortment of eccentric characters:  Mr Gruber of the Internal Revenue, Starr's leading lady, Catalina Ximinez, Starr's daughter Emily and a dashing con-man.  Another zany feast from the creator of Auntie Mame.
  • true life encounters
    No matter how conservative science can explain somethings, strange phenomena continues:  Yeti sightings, the Loch Ness Monster, spontaneous human combustion and encounters with angels are just a very few of the explorations of this author.
  • further stir of porridge
    Seven more rounds of sparring, as Fletch and his fellow cons of Slade nick continue their struggle against the authority of Messrws MacKay and Barrowclough.  Cover features the late great Ronnie Barker as Fletch.
  • whiteoaks

    Book V of the Jalna chronicles of the Whiteoaks family. It is the successor to Jalna in which the central characters were Piers and Eden. Here it is their younger brother Finch, sensitive, misunderstood and musical, and finding growing up a torturing business.  Twice he tries to escape, but the spell of the old red-brick house drags him back with that peculiar haunting power that influences every character in this striking saga of Canadian country life.

  • Soldiers Of The Queen
    The story of the British Army's dash to relieve Khartoum.  From the narrative, as a character re-enacts the scene with his toys..."The battle was nearly over. Gallant tin soldiers of the line lay where they had fallen; nearly the whole of a shilling box of light cavalry had paid the penalty of rashly exposing themselves in a compact body to the enemy's fire; while a rickety little field-gun, with bright red wheels, lay overturned on two infantry men, who, even in death, held their muskets firmly to their shoulders, like the grim old "die-hards" that they were. The brigade of guards, a dozen red-coated veterans of solid lead, who had taken up a strong position in the cover of a cardboard box, still held their ground with a desperate valour only equalled by the dogged pluck of a similar body of the enemy, who had occupied the inkstand with the evident intention of remaining there until the last cartridge had been expended. Another volley swept the intervening stretch of tablecloth, and the deadly missiles glanced against the glass bottles and rattled among the pencils and penholders..."
  • aunt janes hero
    Warne's Star Series
  • Lolita
    Film Edition 1965, 6th impression.  Minor age spotting to front end papers.
  • Shadow Of A Great Rock
    1907 Edition.
  • pilgrim cottage omnibus
    Comprises Pilgrim Cottage, The GUests Arrive and Volcano.
  • fields for president

    Fields was the kind of an actor that only comes along once in several lifetimes - a comic genius and an original anti-hero, cantankerous, pompous and ribald.  Here he lays out his proposed presidential campaign with biting wit: his views on politics, big business, marriage, babies, physical fitness and alcohol. A classic Fields comment: when asked if he liked children he replied, "Yes - but only if they're properly cooked." This is vintage Fields and his only book.

  • Last Days Of Pompeii No 1 CoverLast Days Of Pompeii No 1 Frontispiece
    In very good condition for a book that's 104 years old.
  • how to live in australia and like it
    Sub-title:  "A Walk Around My Cluttered Mind." This is actually one of those books that tells you what's right about Australia, told by an Englishman who describes himself as 'disinherited'.  A very wry and humorous look at real places and people right off the tourist track.
  • in the days of chivalry
    Book 3 of the 'Stories from History' series. Contains William of Normandy; Marco Polo; Robert Bruce; Saint Joan; The First Crusade and much more.  Handsomely illustrated with black and white plates and engravings.
  • Blackie's all story book
    Stories from another era for little ones.
  • dinkum aussie slang
    A Handbook of rhyming Aussie Slang.  A great social document or just for fun.
  • overlander song book
    A very complete collection of Aussie folk songs: Convicts, bushrangers, goldminers; lawyers and law breakers; teamsters, drovers, stockmen, shearers and strikers. A tribute to the men who boozed, battled, bludgeoned, bullied and blarneyed their way through the first century of Australia.
  • Hell Is For Heroes
    In World War II, A defiant loner with definitive soldier skills is an invaluable asset to his struggling platoon as they find themselves holding off a Nazi advance along the Seigfried Line. Using ingenuity and courage they must bluff the Germans in order to buy time and save their lives. Cast includes Bobby Darin, James Coburn, Nick Adams and Bob Newhart.
  • family reunionfamily reunion
    Nash has more sly observations, this time on the nuclear family.  Chapters include: Man Is The Father of the Child - But He Never Quite Gets Used To It; Daddy, I Want A Pet Of My Own, I Promise To Take Care Of It and Around The House or What Parents Think About When They Aren't Thinking About Their Children
  • DVD Prophet
    A CIA agent with the unique ability to see inside the minds of criminals goes up against a killer in the most dangerous case of his life. Excess postage charged at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • More Things
    Features such myths, mysteries and marvels as: the giant skulls; living dinosaurs; footage of an abominable snowman; frozen mammoths; animal ESP and space visitors.