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//Antiquities & Oddities
  • 12 Months To Win
    John and Percy Westerman both wrote numerous 'Boy's Own' Adventures-style stories that leave the mighty Biggles standing!   All our Westerman books are in remarkably good condition, considering they are of the golden day and age when books were handed down through and around families.
  • twice brightly
    By that infamous hilarious member of the Goons, Harry Secombe. Larry Gower left the Army with one ambition: to be a comedian.  His pal Wally got him started in a tough Northern variety theatre, and after that, life was a hectic round of landladies and lodgers, amorous artistes and awkward audiences. But it was the life that Larry wanted - seedy clubs, spotlights and all.
  • Uncanny Tales
    A selection of the best of the uncanny from the master of the occult.  This volume contains:  Carmilla, Sheridan le Fanu; The Dream Woman, Wilkie Collins; The Tapestried Chamber, Sir Walter Scott; The Open Door, Mrs Oliphant; The Spectre Bridegroom, Washington Irving; Ligeia, Edgar Allen Poe; Clarimonde, Theophile Gautier.
  • under twenty five
    Published in 1966, a collection of short stories, poems, illustrations and photographs of how the Australian 'beat generation' saw the world and it was intended also as a vehicle to help get young writers published. The selection staff of three - also under twenty-five, were Anne O'Donovan, Jayne Sanderson and our own well loved Shane Porteous.
  • patrick cook
    Aussie Humour.
  • volcanovolcano
  • Top All Book For Girls
    Stories include: Pandora the Prig, Peggy Carr; Out Of Bounds, A.E. Seymour; The Girl Who Had Too Many Friends, Mary Gervaise; Christmas At The Towers,  M.C. Field; A Mixed Scent, Bessie Marchant; The Spies, Grace Golden; Out On Ben Corrig, Nancy Firle. With colour and black and white illustrations.
  • we of the never never
    Abridged and adapted school edition.  Angus and Roberson,1962. Photo illustrations.
  • what Cheer
    Merry stories for all occasions - some even a little bit saucy for 1929 and some not very P.C. for today's standards!  Most are good fast snappies, such as the young lady who announced that when she married, it would be to a man who was polished, upright and grand.  The rejected suitor replied, "You don't want a man - you want a piano!"   As you see, they are mostly nice clean ones that reflect the humour of the 1920s - making this a social time travel trip.