Author Autographed

//Author Autographed
  • james galwayjames galway
  • australian folklore in verseaustralian folklore in verse
    Here is a collection of stories all based on real events, highlighting the spirit of Australians.  There is humour, history, mystery and many interesting past events.  Beautifully illustrated by Jenny Colless.
  • Beau BrummelBeau Brummel
    An in-depth, meticulously researched life of Brummell backed with details of everyday Regency Life.
  • born to struggleborn to struggle
    May, born in 1938, had a sad yet all-too-typical life of poverty, evacuation, foster-homes and dead-end factory jobs.  But she tells her story with sharp wit, refusing to be a victim.  While working as a night-cleaner, she became increasingly militant at the exploitation of  she saw around her.  When she attempted to organise her fellow-cleaners into a union she was blacklisted by big cleaning contractors.  Yet she forged ahead to form the now-famous Cleaners Action Group.
  • canon f slaney poole and his familycanon f slaney poole and his family
    An extremely rare copy of a limited edition book that has been devalued by the uploading of a PDF version to the Internet.  Frederic Slaney Poole stepped off the St. Vincent at Port Adelaide on November 30, 1867. His descendant has told his incredible story of his life from his role as a horseback priest to becoming Canon.
  • curses from canberra
    A Public Service conspiracy...a major cover-up...and the failure of democratic safeguards.  This book, published in 1989,  was described as 'too hot for the media' yet was recommended by Labour MPs Dr Ian Alexander and George Gear; Liberal MPs Barrie MacKinnon and Bill Grieg; Democrat Jean Jenkins; Independent Hon. Ian Thompson and historian Dame Mary Durack.  The author served sixteen months of a three year prison term an a charge of attempting to mislead the Commonwealth Export Grants Board.  He maintained until his death that he had been framed. This copy is autographed by the author and comes with the original book launch review and a signed letter from the author to the Hon. Jim McLelland dated 9 December 1990.  This book had a limited run of 200 in hardback and 1000 in paperback.
  • dark strangerdark stranger
    James Duncan and Peter Jirapon, brought together by the search for a missing witness in a rape and murder case, they are totally opposite in age, temperament and race.  Duncan is a cynical, high flying publicity man in his middle fifties; Jirapon is a young, intense, idealistic Aboriginal lawyer.  In the course of the search they are swept out to sea in an open boat of the coast of Northern Australia and must find a comradeship in order to survive.
  • David Badcock SigDavid Badcock

    David Badcock was born in New Zealand in 1960.  He came to Australia in 1977 with the dream of establishing himself as an Australian landscape painter. He began as a commercial illustrator before an adventure to capture the lights and landscape of the Flinder's Ranges which captured the attention of The Elder Fine Art Gallery in Adelaide, who then exhibited David's paintings for the first time in 1981. A series of televised documentaries featuring 'Artists of the Far North'  gave David nationwide media recognition as a landscape artist and he was invited to paint landscapes of the Northern Territory for the Darwin Gallery. This is a large collection of his paintings over 25 years, featuring many scenes of the Blue Mountains.

  • death in Egypt013
    An ancient Egyptian tomb, sealed from the outside world for centuries, deep inside solid rock - the sarcophagus is reveal a freshly murdered corpse!