• As Man Becomes Machine
    A presentation of revolutionary evidence that Man and Machine will cease to be separate in the future.  This is more than mere speculation - the current generation of robots can see, learn, talk - think Google Mini- and may even feel. Artificial organs and prosthetics are being created to replace deficient natural ones. Current work on electronic stimulation, biofeedback techniques, telefactors and prosthesis is bringing us to the time when science fiction and science fact merge.
  • Astonishing Days Ac Clarke
    In this autobiography, Clarke moves from science fiction to his career as a writer and a thinker, explaining how he was influenced by ideas he read in both science fiction and science, harking back to the magazine of the 1930s and 1940s Astounding Stories.
  • who killed channel 9
  • its not a rehearsal

    Amanda Barrie was a star of the English stage, screen and the occasional Carry On film.  She was believed to be a slow learner for years as she could not read, so she would have a friend repeat her lines over and over to her until she was word perfect and completely cued-in!  She was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. Here she recounts anecdotes from her packed professional life and talks frankly and without self-pity about her disrupted childhood, disastrous schooldays and her relationships with both men and women, including remarkable threesomes with her husband Robin Hunter.  An ideal piece for any Carry On fan. Illustrated with black and white and colour photographs.

  • man behind the iron mask
  • hollywood station

    If you got a call that Batman was assaulting Spider-Man and the person who called it in was Marilyn Monroe, who is actually a 6'3" transvestite, there's only one place you could be: nothing is too weird in Los Angeles. For the cops of Hollywood Station, policing crack-heads dressed as cartoon characters is business as usual, but add a diamond robbery the Russian Mafia and a pair of totally clueless and ambitious crystal meth addicts and something's got to give!

  • acid drops
    Kenneth Williams, star of stage, radio and Carry On, put together this delicious selection of witty put-downs, retorts and come-backs - the sort of things we all wish we'd thought of! Such as Lady Astor to Winston Churchill:  "If you were my husband, I'd poison your coffee." To which the great man replied, "If you were my wife, I'd drink it." Or when W.C Fields made his famous pronouncement on dogs and children - when asked how he really liked children he had a come-back of his own: "Boiled or fried."
  • bluey

    The sequel to Crow On A Barbed Wire Fence. Bluey's adventures did not end with his departure from Australia in 1914. In this sequel he tells of his London childhood and why he visited Australia in the first place.  There's also the tale of his escape from the German naval fleet in World War I, his role in two mutinies and the headline stories he reported as a Fleet Street journo, sportswriter and radio interviewer.  Last but not least, he tells of his family life and his achievements as a successful magazine publisher  - what a full, rich and adventurous life!

  • the love you make