• crown of stars
  • crown of swords
  • darkling plain
  • darkness at sethanon
    As Prince Arutha and his companions rally their forces for the final battle with an ancient and mysterious evil, the dread necromancer Marcos the Black has once again unleashed his dark sorcery. The fate of the two worlds will be decided in a titanic struggle as the link between Kelewan and Midkemia is revived.
  • feast for crows
    The bloodthirsty, treacherous Lannisters are in power on the Iron Throne in the name of the boy-king Tommen.  The war in the Seven Kingdoms has burnt itself out but in the bitter aftermath new conflicts spark to life. The Martells of Dorne and the Starks of Winterfell seek vengeance for their dead. Euron Crow's Eye returns from  the smouldering ruins of Valyria to claim the Iron Isles. From the icy north, where Others threaten the Wall, apprentice Maester Samwell Tarly brings a mysterious babe in arms to the citadel.
  • fortress of grey ice
    Book II of Sword of Shadows. The Long Night has begun and the Endlords are stirring in their eternal prison.  Now should be the time when city men and clansmen come together to fight the dark forces, yet the clans feud among themselves and the Mountain Cities plan invasion. Only the Sull are preparing for war against the Endlords, but they are an ancient race and their numbers are declining.  They fear this fight may be their last.  Outcast clansman Raif Sevrance must search for Ash March, their most valued and sacred warrior.  To find her he must journey through the nightmare realm of the Want, wherein hides the Fortress of Grey ice.
  • judgment of dragons
    Pranda and Khreng eat from the same bowl, couple, then preen - then travel across Time, down through Space, to the most bizarre and dangerous worlds int he Galactic Federation.  Even to Solthree, where they are met with some alarm.  A Starcat and rabbi tale, with dragons.
  • long awaited treachery
    Book III of The Ouroboros Cycle. For a thousand years, the immortal Shashavani have hidden from the world in the halls of their mountain fortress, amassing great stores of knowledge in a haven of academic tranquility.  Even Dr Varanus cannot deny that the peace and quiet make for a pleasant diversion after her recent chaotic adventures in London.  Having left the horros of murder and wellness behind her, she has thrown herself into the study of the Shashavani condition, determined to learn the secret of their undying power.  But as winter snow covers the Shashavani  Valley and closes the mountain passes, sinister events are unfolding in the shadows.  Whispers of conspiracy echo through the halls.  Soon layalties will be tested and friendships betrayed.  Blood will flow.  An ancient evil is stirring.  As darkness descends, one question remains:  Do you serve the Winter King?  Illustrated by Lawrence Gullo.
  • DSCN3315
    Book II of Mordant's Need. Terisa Morgan needs to escape.  Gilbur is trying to kill her, Castellan Lebbick wants to torture her and she must find Geraden.  The fortress of Orison is under siege by the Alend army; the forces of Cadwal, led by Arch-Imager Vagel, are ready to strike; the traitor Eremis is preparing the ground for the enemies and King Joyse's actions are more baffling than ever.  Everything they love in the land of Mordant is about to be destroyed - unless they can prevent it with mirrors and imagery.