Modern Literature

//Modern Literature
  • contemporary portraits and other stories
    The list of short stories included in this volume: Heubler; Life of the Party; The Drover's Wife; Zoellner's Definition; Portraits of Electricity; The Silence; The Dog Show; Paradise; Ore; Cul-de-Sac (uncompleted); The Partitions and A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z.
  • blood star

    The sequel to The Assyrian. Tiglath Ashur is now in exile, banished by his brother Esarhaddon, the King of Assyria.  With assassins close behind him, Tiglath flees first to the lands of the bloodthirsty Chaldeans, then to Egypt, a land ruled less by its pharaoh and more by court intrigue and pleasure-seeking.  Here he finds love - and betrayal. Escaping to the port of Sidon, he is besieged by the armies he once led. Facing capture and death at the hands of the brother who now hates him, he slips through the trap set for him and ends his journey in Sicily where he wants to live a simple life.  But an uneasy reconciliation takes him back t Assyria, where he must decide the fate of the empire.

  • Bull Dancers Of Knossos
    After a thousand years of power and dominance, Minoan Crete is threatened by the new emerging powers of Mycene and Greece.  this story is told through the lives of the main characters: Andreas, wealthy merchant and Minister in King Minos Council; Dr. Ahmed, his Egyptian friend and personal physician; Belia, the beautiful, famous Bull Dancer who Andreas loves; and the legendary Priest-King Minos, his sister Ariadne and her lover Theseus of Athens. Andreas receives a report from his agent Tarsis of a large invasion  fleet being built to attack Crete before the ports close for winter. He tries to alert the King and the Council to the dangers ,but his warnings go unheeded. And when young children start disappearing from the streets, he follows a dark thread of suspicion and mistrust through the pleasure-driven luxury of a sophisticated society.
  • Those Garrison Women

    The sequel to The Three Miss Margarets. Having ruled their tiny Southern town with a velvet grip for decades, the sight of the formidable Miss Margarets - Li'l Bit, Maggie and Peggy - gathered on a porch is a sign that's all with the world, even if they are in the company of the notorious Laurel Selene McCready, a wild child from the wrong side of the tracks. But when Miss Peggy dies and leaves her entire fortune to Laurel, the townsfolk are in an uproar. Not only has the no-account girl become the wealthiest landowner in town but she's inherited its biggest employer - Garrison Gardens - and a whole heap of trouble. As Laurel struggles with the sudden responsibility for her home town's future and the shady's lawyer's attempts to strong-arm her into signing over power of attorney, she stumbles across a dark secret concerning the former first lady of Garrison Gardens and her own pt suddenly becomes clear.

  • trap
    Jack Trap is an interesting mix of Irish, English and Aboriginal - but he looks Aboriginal.  Admired by a few and hated by many, he affects everyone.  He is a shifting product  of the back streets, passively resisting poverty and racism, occasionally indulging in bursts of aggression. He is a symbol around which lurk a variety of characters representing the different aspects of an oppressive society. Trap is a hero.
  • assyrian

    In the palace f Nineveh, Tiglath Ashur and Esarhaddon are half brothers, best friends, rivals for women - and the throne. The third part of the fateful triangle is Esharhamat, wilful, exquisite, lover and wife to the heir - whoever he may be. Her existence poisons the brotherly love until their increasing rancour threatens the very existence of the Assyrian empire. Esarhaddon is a warrior - plain and simple, shallow and nothing more.  Tiglath is his equal in war and can be a brutal killer if necessary but he is also an intellectual, torn by doubts and qualms of conscience, temperamentally unable to challenge his brother and the priests, but known his own fate and that of Assyria hangs in the balance.

  • Was There Love Once
    Better known for his Georgian and Regency novels, this describes the impact of the bombing of London and its citizens and their response to Hitler's threats.
  • Close Escort

    The Cooktown had just discharged her second pattern.  They had to hit the Jap hard and fast, with pattern after pattern, each set to a different depth to ensure they caught the target. But only one thrower fired from the side nearest the Jackal. But nothing at all was flung from the other side.  They had to get this Jap. If they failed there was only a useless corvette between the submarine and six fat-bellied merchantmen...

  • winter of the world
    Five families  are destined to be linked as the world is shaken by tyranny and war.  Follett the master story teller begins his tale in Berlin in 1933.  This is the second volume of the Century Trilogy.