• Inferno

    Inferno - a top secret drilling project to penetrate the Earth's crust and release a major new energy source. A crisis develops when a noxious liquid leaks out as drilling progresses -  a green poison that has a grotesquely debilitating effect on humans. As the Earth's plight worsens, the Doctor is trapped in a parallel world, unable to rescue the planet and its inhabitants from the destructive force of Inferno...

  • Colony Of Lies

    According to popular legend, the great humanitarian Stewart Ransom founded the Independent Earth Colony of Axista Four in the year 2439, but the truth is not as neat and simple as the legend would suggest...Now, in 2539...The Doctor,  Zoe, and Jamie arrive on Axista Four to find the colony in a state of chaos. A breakaway group of colonists - the Realists - have abandoned Ransom's 'Back To Basics'  ideal and is creating a new high-tech settlement. The Loyalists who remain are dwindling in number and are facing extinction. Meanwhile, a space ship from Earth has arrive with the news that 80,000 refugees are about to descend on the planet; the Realists are staging raids on the wreck of the colony ship and in a secret underground bunker mysterious aliens who claim to be the planet's first colonists are beginning to awake. Who are the doglike aliens who call themselves Tyrenians? What is the secret agenda of the sinister Federal Administrator Greene? And what really happened when the colony ship crash-landed on Axista Four 100 years ago? This adventure features the Second Doctor, Zoe and Jamie and the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

  • Image Of The Fendahl

    The ultra-modern technology of the Time Scanner combines with the ancient evil of Fetch Wood, and brings to life a terror that has lain hidden for twelve million years. The Doctor and Leela fight to destroy the Fendahl, a recreated menace that threatens to destroy all life in the galaxy.

  • Face Of The Enemy

    The Doctor and Jo have gone off in the TARDIS, leaving the Brigadier and UNIT facing a deadly mystery and a moral dilemma. Robbery and murder are on the increases in Britain as disputes between underworld gangs escalate into open warfare on the streets. The Master seems inextricably linked to the chaos - despite the fact he is safely under lock and key. Meanwhile UNIT is called in when a plane missing in strange circumstances is rediscovered, contaminated with radiation and particle damage that cannot possibly have occurred on Earth. As the mystery deepens, what little light they can shed on the matter leads the Brigadier to believe that with the Doctor away, Earth's only hope may lie with its greatest enemy. This adventure takes place between the TV stories The Day Of The Daleks and The Sea Devils, and is concurrent with The Curse Of Peladon.

  • Time Police

      2183: The Second Republic is mercilessly efficient. It controls the press, the state, the rights of the citizens. Then it captures the secrets of time travel. Now the Second Republic can control the past, piece by piece, slowly changing it to make sure that they would never lose their grasp on history. The Time Police are the agents of oppression of the Second Republic,  dedicated to protecting its version of the past. Jackson Dubchek is a researcher, an ordinary citizen too insignificant to warrant the attention of the Time Police until he stumbled onto the truth behind their work. He is determined to undo what they have done. Now the Time Police are after him. He has to go on the run - and there's nowhere to go except the past.

  • The Immortals

    The United States is ravaged by disease and stifled by martial law. With whole cities falling to a lethal virus known as V-CIDS, the  panicked authorities take the precaution of herding the infected into huge specially designed internment camps. Into one of these prisons stumbles Michael Barris, a wealthy interactive television mogul with a controversial past. He is searching for his sick son, spending a fortune and his future for the answers. What he finds is a carefully guarded nightmare - one that he helped to create. As he battles to survive he comes to understand that the camps have a far more sinister agenda than the military is willing to admit...

  • Hitchhikers Guide

    When the Earth is demolished by the Vogons to make way for a hyperspace bypass, earthling and homeowner Arthur Dent embarks unwillingly on a wild trip, accompanied by his friend Ford Prefect (who turned out NOT to be from Guildford after all, but who was in fact from a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse) and with the whole of infinite space to choose from, he can't even get a decent cup of tea!

  • Children Of The Mind

    The conclusion to the Ender Quartet. The planet Lusitania is home to three species: the Pequeninos; a large colony of humans and the Hive Queen, brought there by Ender. But once again the human race has grown fearful; the Starways Congress has gathered a fleet to destroy Lusitania. Jane, the evolved computer intelligence, can save the three races of Lusitania. She has learned how to move ships outside the universe and then instantly back to a different world, abolishing the light-speed limit. But it takes all the processing power available to her and the Starways Congress is shutting down the Net, world by world.  Soon Jane will not be able to move the ships. Ender's children must save her if they are to save themselves.

  • Una Persson And Catherine Cornelius
    Una and  Catherine - lovers, revolutionaries and time travellers extraordinare - are now flashing through the dimensions in a dazzling kaleidoscope of real and imaginary twentieth centuries, a riotous extravaganza of alternative pasts, presents and futures in a madly unpredictable trip.
  • Striders Galaxy

    Book I of The Strider Chronicles.  In the 25th century, the human species sent a fleet of robot probes on voyages of discovery. Objective: to find another planet suitable for human habitation. Ninety years later, across the empty oceans of space, the Tau Ceti probe reported success. In the year 2531, a human expedition led by Captain Leonie Strider sets off from Jupiter orbit to claim humanity's first colony world outside the solar system. But the progress is halted by a hyperspace portal which snatches them millions of parsecs from home and lands them in the middle of a galactic conflict. They must decide whether to stay and fight or try to rediscover the Solar System. But first, they must survive.

  • Real Story

    Angus Thermopyle was an ore pirate and a murderer; even the most disreputable asteroid pilots of Delta Sector stayed out of his way.  Those who didn't ended up in the lockup - or dead.  But when Thermopyle arrived at Mallory's Bar & Sleep with a gorgeous woman by his side the regulars had to take notice.  Her name was Morn Hyland, and she had been a police officer - until she met up with Thermopyle. But one person in Mallory's Bar wasn't intimidated.  Nick Succorso had his own reputation as a bold pirate and he had a sleek frigate fitted for deep space.  Everyone knew that Thermopyle and Succorso were on a collision course.  What nobody expected was how quickly it would be over - or how devastating victory would be.  It was a common enough example of rivalry and revenge - or so everyone thought.  The real story was something entirely different.

  • Big Jump

    Stardrive - access to the farthest reaches of the galaxy! Ballantyne created and tested the new engines. And he returned form the stars...alone, dying of a ghastly new form of radiation. And no-one can discover what has happened to the crew. But Arch Comyn is determined to know what did happen on this first trek into the unknown. There is only one alternative and too many obstacles. To learn the truth, Comyn must make the perilous journey himself and come face to face with the horrifying secret that waits mankind beyond...the Big Jump.

  • Infinitive Of Go

    Matter-transmitters: mankind's dream come true. Code-named 'posters', the devices are the invention of Justin Williams and Cinnamon Wright. Against paranoid security restrictions the poster is to be tested at last - Williams and Wright expect a triumphant place in history as bringers of freedom to civilisation. But something goes terribly wrong on the first long-distance trial run. The courier arrives back mysteriously different - and then kills himself. To prove his faith in his invention, Justin has himself posted thousands of miles. He is unchanged - but the world is somehow different...

  • Dark Space

    While drifting lost in space due to a navigational failure, a mineral scout discovers an Entity so powerful and alien it can only be described in one word: God. On the arid mining planet of Araldis, Baroness Mira Fedor is on the run from the authorities, her life in tatters and her future stolen. Araldis  itself buckles under the onslaught of a ruthless invasion.  None of this is coincidence. The more Mira discovers about her planet's elite and the forces arrayed against them, the more things seem to point to a simple guiding intelligence: nothing that has happened to her or her world is an accident. She's stumbled into a galaxy-sized intrigue - but will she live long enough to tell anyone?

  • Macroscope

    Macroscope: the greatest scientific breakthrough in the history of man, a vast space-borne device that brought the entire universe within man's range of vision, revealing levels of technology vastly beyond anything dreamed of on Earth. But the discover brought danger - in a place so unthinkably distant in space and time that it might be at the other end of the continuum. A place where ancient symbols come to life to battle for the souls of men.

  • Lucifer Comet

    They discovered a vast comet far out between the stars. Within its icy core were two beings, frozen in still life for thousands of years.  One was human, a Prometheus figure.  But the other, locked with the first in a tableau of eternal combat, was Lucifer.  Lucifer, Satan, the Devil - there he seemed to be, horns, bat wings and all, the visible embodiment of all human legendry of all that was evil. Then they defrosted them. Prometheus was indeed the Fire-Bringer. The Other was  the Old Enemy in person - with powers that baffled the advanced science of the day...

  • Cycle Of Fire

    After his ship crashed on the inhospitable planet Abyorman, Nils Kruger had spent weeks wandering across the face of the planet, suffering from blistering heat and the searing cold of an alien climate. Now he had found a fellow wanderer, Dar, an alien castaway.  They share adventure and escape and grow to know one another. They both may die - and Nils opts to do something about it. Dar, who knows the time of his death in advance, opts to do nothing. Which of them is right?  Both - or neither?

  • Cobra

    The colony worlds of Adirondack and Silvern fell to the Troft forces almost without a struggle. Outnumbered and on the defensive, Earth made a desperate decision - it would attack the aliens not from space, but on the ground - with forces the Trofts would never suspect...And so the cobras were created - a guerilla force whose weapons were surgically implanted, invisible to the unsuspecting eye yet undeniably deadly.  But power brings temptation - not all the Cobras could be trusted to fight for Earth alone...