• Ancient My Enemy
    Nine shorts from the award winning Gordon R. Dickson.  Ancient, My Enemy; The Odd Ones; The Monkey Wrench; Tiger Green; The Friendly Man; Love Me True; Our First Death; In The Bone; The Bleak and Barren Land.
  • Battle For Terra Two

    The sudden arrival of the K'Ronarin fleet saved Earth from enslavement to the insectoid biofabs and a new interstellar age has dawned on the planet.  John Harrison, hero of the Biofab war, can relax - or can he? Unknown to the Alliance, a few renegade biofabs escaped through a dimensional portal into an alternate universe and they are rebuilding their forces for a counter-strike against humanity - in both universes.  Harrison is catapulted into a strange world to discover the location of the biofab nests and burn it out before a new generation hatches.  It won't be easy - in this version of Earth, Harrison is  a revolutionary on the run from the secret police of the Fourth Reich!

  • City Who Fought

    Simeon was bored with his life. It wasn't being a shellperson that bothered him - he rather pitied the 'softshells' with their short lives and their laughably limited senses - but the routine of running the mining and processing station that made up his 'body' was getting him down. So the excitement generated by the arrival of an out-of-control refugee ship was ore than welcome - even if it did interrupt his latest wargame. The refugees told of an attack by space barbarians who were headed Simeon's way, and it soon become apparent that if anyone was to survive Simeon had to translate his skills at wargaming into the real thing and become - THE CITY WHO FOUGHT.

  • Downward To The Earth Robert Silverberg
    Gunderson returned to Holman's World seeking atonement for his harsh years as colonial governor.  But now this lush, mysterious planet was called by its ancient name of Belzagor and it belonged one again to its native races, the Nildoror and the Sulidoror.  Gunderson began a harrowing pilgramage to its mist-shrouded north, to witness a strange ritual of rebirth that would alter him forever.
  • Fantastic voyage2 Destination Brain Asimov
    Comrade Pyotr Shapirov has a secret of vital importance to world science but the only man with the skill to extract it from his comatose brain is American scientist Albert Morrison.  Natalya Boranova, sent by Russian high command to get Morriosn's help will stop at nothing to ensure his co-operation.  But there is one major problem  -the necessity for human miniaturisation. Wrenched from a routine conference and transported to a vast underground Soviet City dedicated to scientific experiment, Morrison is shrunk to a microscopic fraction of normal size and p0laced in a specially designed 'submarine' to be injected into Shapirov's veins to travel deep into the uncharted regions of the brain - and with only twelve hours to complete his task, Morrison must find the origins of human thought.
  • Ghost From Grand Banks
    2010 - almost the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic. The remains of the great ocean liner lie 4 kilometres down on the Grand Banks of the Atlantic Ocean, an endless reminder of man's technological frailty in the face of natural perils.  But now, the urge to raise the wreck is irrestistible. From the West comes one solution; from the East another. Both are marvels of technological imagination; both can succeed.  But there are other powers at work and the wreck may yet hold a surprise or two for those  who would return her to the eyes of the world.
  • Lavalite World
    The Lavalite World is a world of slow and constant change. The very landscape moves. Here, mountains rise from plains or sink into seas.  New oceans form as vast hollows collapse and seas rush in. There is only one escape from this bizarre planet: the one gateway to other universes is in the palace of Lord Urthona. Paul Janus Finnegan - also known as Kickaha - must reach it if he is going to survive. And he must do it despite the Lords Urthona and Red Orc, the hired thug McKay, flesh eating vegetation on the run, assorted strange beasts of prey AND planetary pseudopods.
  • Moonbeast
  • Nimishas Ship
    Nimisha Boynton-Rondymense was the body-heir of Lady Rezalla and as such was the heiress of one of the First Families on Vega. But even as a child she disdained the formalities of her aristocratic background and was happiest in her father's shipyard. By the time she was in her twenties she was the designer of the most advanced space yacht in the galaxy and owner of the Rondymense shipyards. It was on a test of her Mark 5 prototype that things went wrong. In an empty space field she was suddenly confronted by a boiling white wormhole and was sucked in, only to be thrown out into an unknown dimension of time and space. She was not the first - as she explored this new and unfamiliar part of the Universe she found traces of many ships marooned there over the centuries. Not knowing if she would ever return to the world she new, Nimisha chose to land on 'Erehwon' - fascinating, terrifying and beautiful - and inhabited by not only three survivors of a previous Vegan ship - but something else...