• planet of twilight
    Nam Chorios is a barren backwater world;  once a prison colony, now home to a fanatic religious cult.  Princess Leia has been taken captive here by a charismatic, ruthless warlord bent on destroying the New Republic.  Meanwhile, Luke is on a  mysterious planet in search of his lost love Callista, and finds the Force is his own worst enemy.  Worst of all, as Han, Chewie and Lando leave Coruscan on a rescue mission, a strange, malevolent life form awakes with the power to destroy the New Republic and the Empire.
  • Mind Thing
    He was almost pure thought and looking for the right body to play host to him. Until then, he would move from creature to creature, killing each host once it had served its purpose.  The Mind Thing had just one objective - to find the host whose knowledge and powers could help him escape from exile.
  • So Long And Thanks For All The Fish
    Book IV of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. Arthur Dent finds love in the last place he would have expected to find it - but which 3,976,000,000 people find very familiar...
  • Startrek Final Reflection John M Ford
  • wizard of anharitte
    He's held in superstitious awe by the feudal population of Anharitte, the major market city of the planet Roget.  Lord of an ancient noble house, he is shrouded in dark mystery.  Is he a master magician or an off-world saboteur here to subvert the rigid caste structure.  Off-world trade agent Tito Ren has to find out.  But warring with wizards is really asking for trouble.
  • Galactic Empires 2
    This volume contains: Escape to Chaos, John D. Macdonald; Concealment, A.E. van Vogt; To Civilise, Algis Budrys; Beep, James Blish; Down The River, Mack Reynolds; The Bounty Hunter, Avram Davidson; Not Yet The End, Frederic Brown; Tonight the Stars Revolt, Gardner F. Fox; Final Encounter, Harry Harrison; Lord of a Thousand Suns, Poul Anderson; Big Ancestor, F.L. Wallace; The Interlopers, Roger Dee.
  • Day Of The Triffids

    No-one knows quite how the triffids came about - an experiment in cross-pollination, perhaps - but they were a worthwhile, if peculiar-looking plant, that could walk after a fashion and which were valued for the quality of their oil. As long as their stings were docked, all was well. Then came the spectacular  meteor shower watched by most of mankind, all of whom awoke the following day to blindness.  And that's when the triffids became lively - escaping their farms and enclosures, seeding, and regrowing their deadly stings...the battle for Earth and the survival of Man has commenced.

  • Shield Poul Anderson
    Koskinen has returned to earth with a strange new 'Shield' - a device which enclosed the wearer in a force screen that absorbed all energies below a certain level.  Light could come through the Shield but no weapon known to man could penetrate it. Koskinen had developed the shield in collaboration with the Martians.  From the moment of his return to earth he was in deadly danger.  His own country sent men to kill him to prevent the Shield from falling into other hands...and soon the whole civilised world was searching for the one man who was armed with the greatest potential military weapon mankind had ever seen.
  • restaurant at the end of the universe
    If you've done six impossible things this morning, then why not round it off with breakfast, lunch or dinner at Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe? With your host, Max Quordlepleen!