• Warriors Of Spider

    The Directorate was run by the powerful few—genetically altered humans permanently linked with the Gi-net, the massive computer network which contained everything there was to know about the planets and space stations claimed by humankind. For centuries, the Directorate had ruled over countless star systems, its authority absolute and unquestioned. But now, stirrings of rebellion were being felt in this far-flung, commercial empire. Now the Directorate has discovered a planet out beyond its farthest reaches, a place known only as World, where the descendants of humans stranded long ago by a starship crash had survived by becoming a race of warriors led by its Prophets, men with the ability to see the many possible pathways of the future. Men who had already foreseen the coming of the Directorate’s Patrol ship Bullet—and were preparing their warriors of Spider for this first contact in which even one wrong choice could destroy both World and empire.

  • Meet The Thradons

    Brilliant young film-maker Bobby Albertson found the love of his life, a beautiful blonde who's out of this world - literally! Sent to Earth to escape her enemies on the planet Thradon, Kathy was cared for by Bobby's parents. True love - and special effects - conquered all when she and Bobby got engaged and his independent film career took off like a rocket. Now, Kathy's taking her beloved, his parents and a few of their friends back home to meet her dearest and dearest. The Earthlings already know that Thradon, centuries ahead of Earth in everything else, lags behind in popular culture.  So they've brought along some wonderful things such as popcorn, Shakespeare, golf and film-making. But Bobby's grand plan to write, produce and direct the first-ever Thradon big-screen blockbuster are thrown into development hell when life imitates art and aliens invade planet Thradon

  • Early Asimov Vol 2
    This volume contains Asimov's early works from the 1930s and 1940s: Homo Sol; Half-Breeds On Venus; The Imaginary; Heredity; History; Christmas on Ganymede; The Little Man on the Subway; The Hazing; Super Neutron; Not Final! Legal Rites; Time Pussy.
  • Burning For Revenge

    Book V of Tomorrow, When The War Began. When you're on your knees, there's only thing to do - stand up again. Ellie and her friends have stared defeat in the face. They've been bashed and battered by it, brought to breaking point. Now it's time to hit back, to come out they really are burning for revenge.

  • Tomorrow When The War Began

    On a long weekend in Australia, while Effie and her friends are camping in the bush, their town is invaded and taken over by an enemy - Australia is at war.  They are suddenly in the toughest situations humans can confront, facing life and death decisions, in a world where they must find courage, spirit, initiative and wisdom - or die.

  • Night Is For Hunting

    Hunting. Being hunted. Life seems to offer nothing except a chase to the death. The fight to survive has never been fiercer.   But as Ellie and her friends wage war, they find time for other things: friendship, loyalty and even Christmas. If only they can withstand another night...

  • Dead Of Night
    Book II of the Tomorrow series. Their country has been invaded. Their homes have been occupied by strangers, or destroyed.  Their families are facing death at the hands of a merciless enemy.  They have been left with nothing. But a group of teenagers - fugitives in a remote valley - will never give in.  Not without a fight. But sometimes courage demands too high a price.
  • Third Day The Frost
    Book III of the Tomorrow series. Effie and the other teen rebels have lost Corrie and Chris, but have rescued Keith.  Their country is overrun by the enemy and their families are held captive.  The only option they seem to have to launch an attack on their own.
  • This Day All Gods Die

    The fifth and final instalment in the GAP series.  As the conflict between humankind and the Amnion heads for crisis, Morn Hyland, the cyborg Angus Thermopyle and the survivors on board the crippled starship Trumpet must return from deep space to Earth. Their mission is to prevent all-out war with the aliens, which would leave humanity to pay a terrible price. But the Amnion react with swift fury, and suddenly Earth is threatened with fiery destruction ...