• wave without a shore
    Freedom was an isolated planet, off the spaceways track and rarely visited by commercial spacers.  The trouble was, tourists and traders claimed the streets were crowded with mysterious sorts in blue robes and members of an alien species.  The native born humans claim it isn't so.  Such was the belief of Herrin the artist and Waden the autocrat - until a crisis of planetary identity forced a life and depth confrontation between the question of reality and the reality of the question.
  • We Who Are About To
    A multi-dimensional explosion hurled the starship's few passengers across the galaxies and onto an uncharted barren tundra.  With no technical skills and scant supplies, the survivors face a bleak end in an alien world. One brave woman held the daring answer - but it was the most desperate one possible.
  • Xfiles Whirlwind Charles Grant
  • Wild Cards
    Book I  of a super series. There is a secret history of the world, in which an alien virus struck the earth in the aftermath of World War II. endowing a handful of survivors with superhuman powers.  Come were called Aces - gifted with extraordinary mental and physical abilities.  Others were Jokers - cursed with bizarre mental or physical deformities.  Some used their talents in  the service of mankind  - and others used them for evil.  Described as a mosaic novel, with contributions by Edward Bryant, Stephen Leigh, Roger Zelazny, Leanne C. Harper, George R.R. Martin, Victor Milan, John J. Miller, Lewis Shiner, Melinda M. Snodgrass. Howard Waldrop and Walter Jon Williams.
  • Wildside Steven Gould

    It's another world: a pristine earth where mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers still roam. There are no laws, no cities, no highways, no pollution - no people. It lies just beyond the heavy wooden door, hidden at the back of the barn, through a tunnel that enters a hillside in South Texas, but doesn't come out the other side. It belongs to Charlie, a whole world accessible only through the doorway on the ranch his uncle left him free and clear. But to explore a planet, you need money. And equipment. And the money to buy the equipment. Money to live on while you explore; money for taxes on the ranch and to pay for the training needed to survive in a completely wild world. So Charlie captures some extinct birds  passenger pigeons - and sells them on the tame side to finance his venture.  He sells more than a dozen, and Wildside  Investments is born. That is the beginning of the end - for how can you keep a secret like that one anyone gets wind of it? Charlie and his trusted friends will have to fight for the preservation of the Wildside - and their own lives.

  • Witchworld Andre Norton
    The proud land of Estcarp stood alone, its fields and plains, mountains and fortresses menaced from north and south.  But the terror that came from the west was a far worse evil.  Against it must be wielded all the power of Estcarp's ancient knowledge - and strange and awesome force that could destroy. From the moment he gave himself up to the Siege Perillous, Simon Tregarth, fugitive from Earth, owed his allegiance to the witches and warriors of Estcarp. He had embarked on a journey of magic and peril, power and adventure from which there could be no return.
  • Worlds End

    The sequel to The Snow Queen. BZ Gundhalinu left Tiamat before the Stargate closed, cutting him off forever from the woman he loves:  Moon Dawntreader Summer is now the Summer Queen and the BZ knows he can never again be her lover. An outcast, he travels to the planet Four: a wild planet where all the rogues and ruffians in the Universe gather to plunder the mineral wealth of the vast uncharted wilderness known as World's End. But there is more to World's End than dangerously-won riches. There is a chance for BZ to unlock the secrets of Old Empire technology and to rediscover his soul, his destiny and his love.

  • Worlds Apart Chuck Mckenzie
    Free publicity isn't something you turn down; not when you're a formerly successful celebrity superstar whose current popularity is on par with that of a genital wart. So when Zach Vance was asked to attend the much-publicised launch of Earth's first-ever starship, he leapt at the chance to score some points with the Great Viewing Public. The next thing Zach knew, he was trapped aboard a ship full of dead people, orbiting the Earth with only a frigid medical technician, an illegal military clone,, a talking plant and a lethal alien organism for company.  Things couldn't possible get any worse...but of course they did...Aussie sci-fi humour.
  • Worlds Enough And Time

    The Ship held ten thousand plus, the voyage was one way and the duration, human life span plus. Just the circumstances in which, however, hand-picked human can become bored, fretful, suicidal, homicidal, rebellious or deranged. And hand-picked there were, for this was not some routine near-space commute.  With Earth and the asteroid colonies self-destructing behind them, Newhome was carrying humanity;s seed corn and Marianne O'Hara was tending the last hope of survival for the species.