• wizard of anharitte
    He's held in superstitious awe by the feudal population of Anharitte, the major market city of the planet Roget.  Lord of an ancient noble house, he is shrouded in dark mystery.  Is he a master magician or an off-world saboteur here to subvert the rigid caste structure.  Off-world trade agent Tito Ren has to find out.  But warring with wizards is really asking for trouble.
  • crusade
    The Human-Orion War has collapsed into an uneasy peace, a peace filled with fear, hatred and mistrust on both sides.  The from out of a warp point noted for devouring space ships, emerges a ship from the dim mists of half-forgotten history.  It responds to a hail from the patrolling Orion sentry using ancient human codes from a long lost colony.  Then it opens fire on the Orions, reigniting the interstellar war, in a quest to save Holy Mother Terra.
  • the ring

    Centuries ago men died for the chance to own the Ring and master its powers.  The Sisterhood, that protected it, grew weary of the fighting and fled to an alien planet to keep the Ring in peace.  Now, in the paradise city of Parliament, the genetically designed, psychic Rulers possess the power of the Ring, still guarded by the Sisterhood.  In the Arctic North, Giants are perfecting the science of terraforming, in exchange for a share of the Ring's power.  In the Valley that joins the two lands, there are thousands of slave workers.  There is an uneasy truce between the three peoples, but war is looming again.  Cain of Eastmarch, a telepath, leads the Workers but to truly claim victory he must steal the Ring and suffer the curse of the Sisterhood.

  • myth makers gunfighters
    A double helping of Dr. Who adventures.
  • mars attacks!
    Film novelisation by the original screenplay author. A huge invasion fleet from Mars is heading for Earth.  On board are super intelligent creatures whose weapons make Earth's armaments as effective as bows and arrows.  The U.S. President, the military, even the First Lady herself can't stop this awesome Armada.  They say they come in peace...Unfortunately, that isn't exactly the truth!
  • sassinak
    Sassinak was twelve when the raiders same.  Old enough to be used, young enough to be broken - so they thought.  But they reckoned without the girl's steel will of revenge on the pirates who had killed her parents and friends.  When the chance comes to escape, Sassinak grabs it, thanks to the help of a captured Fleet crewman.  Returned to the Federation of Sentient Planets, she initiates her revenge by joining the Fleet as a recruit, surprising all with her rise to senior rank.  Then vengeance begins in earnest.
  • DSCN1133
    Everyone on Earth for a million years or more had known the great death stars were coming, that the Great World was doomed. One by one they would crash terribly down from the skies, falling without mercy for thousands of years, bringing fire, death, darkness, dust and smoke: an endless winter of sorrows.  Each of the people of Earth addressed its fate in its own fashion.  The vegetals and sapphire-eyes knew they would not survive and they made their preparations accordingly.  The mechanicals knew they could survive if they cared to, but they did not care to. The sea-lords understood that their day was done and they accepted that.  The hjjk-folk expected to emerge unharmed, and set about making certain of that.  And the humans, little groups of them, took refuge underground in cocoons to await the end of the cataclysm.  When that day came, groups like that led by Koshar emerged to find and very new and different world.  There were remnants of Earth's former greatness as well s many dangers - old perils and new threats.
  • Casebook Of The Unknown
    The author of this books states: "There are times when I have been terrified out of my wits by some manifestation of evil obviously venomous in its intent..."  This casebook includes: the knife that was thrown at its victim - from nowhere; the chair that brought death to all who used it; ten cases that baffled the world and more.
  • Empire Strikes Back

    On the icy planet Hoth, Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance found the ideal outpost. A lonely wasteland at the outer reaches of the Universe, the perfect setting to conducts their war against the tyranny of the Empire. Until...Imperial forces, led by their dark warlord, track down the Rebel base and launch an attack which threatens to destroy the Alliance forever. As romance blossoms between Han Solo and Princess Leia, Luke goes on a mission with only the Force for protection.  With colour photos from the block-buster film.