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//Spiritual and Self Help
  • the prophet
  • real witches book of spells and rituals
    The author has collected together the most essential spells for every occasion in a full year of workings in the Craft.  As well as celebrating the Sabbats, Esbats and workings for other times in the lunar cycle, there are hints, tips and advice for the modern witch in the real world.  A good book for beginners or advanced practitioners seeking new ideas.
  • rebirth of magic
    After the witch-hunts of the Middle Ages, it was believed that the tradition of magic was dead.  Instead, a network of secret societies kept the old beliefs alive.  The authors examine some of the famous - and infamous - magicians of the past 400 years:  Dr. Lamb, Eliphas Levi, W.B. Yeats, Dion Fortune and - of course - Aleister Crowley. This is an in-depth look at their lives, beliefs, organisations, weapons and rituals.  Who were the fraids?  And who were the genuine?
  • Return Of Merlin

    Chopra turns his story-telling and teaching gifts to Arthurian legend, revitalised with all the uplifting themes of his teachings. When Camelot fell under the savage onslaught of Arthur's bastard son Mordred, Merlin alone foresaw that the legend would not die. Twelve centuries later, the wizard's game is being played yet again in and around the English town of Somerset. Arthur Callum and Katy Kilbride, two young constables investigating a murder, become entangled in an eerie, twilight realm in which past and present are grafted together. They and their friends have their lives transformed in a wondrous awakening both visionary and human.

  • Richest Man In Babylon
    The famous Babylonian Parables, hailed as the greatest of  inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning and personal wealth, that will allegedly set you on the path to prosperity and its accompanying joys.
  • roots of the self
  • roots of witchcraft
    An examination of the origins and beliefs of the belief that has survived almost unchanged over the centuries.  Is witchcraft based on the Old Fertility cult, Man's earliest belief system?  How did the Devil evolve, and when?  There is plenty of information here for the beginner, the established practitioner or the student.  With a foreword by Colin Wilson.
  • Getting Rich
    First published in 1910. The author explains that the 'universal mind' underlies and permeates all creation. Through he process of visualisation we can engage the law of attraction - impressing our thoughts on formless substance and bringing the desired object into material form.  To achieve this, it is important that we align ourselves with the positive forces of natural law.  Economic and emotional security can be achieved in a practical and non-competitive way while maintaining a harmonious and loving relationship with all of life. Mr Wattles died in 1911, a very prosperous man.
  • Sea Of Faith
    For centuries changes in science, historical thinking and philosophy have eroded traditional religious dogma and there was the chance that man could find himself quite alone and without resources except that which he can muster from within.  But there has also been  a new flow of thought as religion breaks free of the outworn, supernatural beliefs that presently stifle it. Based  on a BBC television series.