True Crime

//True Crime
  • civil action
    A young, get-ahead lawyer is approached by  group of families who believe themselves poisoned by toxic waste dumped near their water supply.  Many of their children have died of leukaemia.  Two of America's largest companies defend the action.  Nine years of tooth and nail litigation follow, with millions of dollars at stake as the lawyer fights a David and Goliath battle against the resources of big business.  A true story.
  • crimes tht shocked australia
    A dark journey from the days of earliest settlement to the present day.  There are runaway convicts, spouse poisoners, kidnappers and homicidal maniacs.  Cases include: The Bogle-Chandler Mystery; The Man They Couldn't Hang; The Granny Killer; The Strathfield Massacre; The Azaria Chamberlain Disappearance and forty five other cases.
  • everybody's best friend
  • evil angels
    There was no body, no weapon nor any motive. First messages told of a baby taken by a dingo and lost in the desert.  Gossip said it was murder.   The trial of Lindy Chamberlain, wife of a small town pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, was world news.  Here are the intricacies of scientific evidence, the cunning of the courtroom and the chambers and the full cast of characters.  Described as a 'scrupulous and disturbing book.'
  • green river running red
    The long-awaited and definitive account of the appalling crimes that horrified Seattle for over two decades -  the true story of the most prolific serial killer America had evener seen.  A case that involved more than forty-nine female victims, over twenty years of intense police work... and one relentless killer - Gary Ridgway, whose mission was to rid the world of women who he considered 'evil'. His uncanny ability to lure  his victims and hide their bodies has made him  far more dangerous than any other multiple murderer to date.
  • jack the ripper
    Feldman makes a convincing case for his suspect.  His team spent a great deal of time, money and effort following leads in obscure documents, some of which had never been seen by anyone to conclusively prove his theory.  Illegitimate children, extra-marital affairs, high society, royal connections and a mysterious diary and a watch are just some of what came to light.
  • Out Of Control
  • prisoner 1167
    When you purchase this book, we'll include some recent articles from the English press on further investigations and new evidence that may solve the identity of the Ripper.
  • Reasonable Doubt