• Bone Bed
    A modern thriller from the creator of Cadfael.
  • 1st to die
    Patterson's first in the series of the Women's Murder Club.  AS the only woman homicide detective in San Francisco, Lindsay Boxer has to be tough.  But the honeymoon murders throws her.  A brutal maniac is on a spree, slaughtering newly-weds.  Her determination to bring the killer to justice is threatened by a personal tragedy, so she turns to Claire, a coroner, Cindy, a journalist and Jill, an attorney for help in both crises: and the Women's Murder Club is born.
  • 2nd chance
    Lindsay Boxer, San Francisco's only woman homicide detective, is ready to reconvene the Women's Murder Club when a little girl is shot outside a church.  They start to track a mystifying killer - one who quickly turns his pursuers into victims.  Further murders lead them to suspect the killer is an ex-cop, but nothing will prepare them for the demented logic behind the killer's choice of victims.
  • 4.50 from paddington
    As the trains ran parallel, Mrs McGillicuddy could see into the lighted carriage only a few feet away.  A man, standing with his back to her, was strangling the life out of a woman, her eyes starting from their sockets, her face purple.  The end came as Mrs McGillicuddy watched - then the train accelerated rapidly and vanished from her sight...
  • 44 scotland street

    Scotland Street is in Edinburgh's Bohemian New Town has more than its fair share of eccentrics and students. When Pat - on her second gap year and a source of worry to her parents - is accepted as a new tenant at number 44, she isn't sure how long she'll last. Her flatmate Bruce, rugby-playing surveyor, is impossibly narcissistic, carelessly philandering and maddeningly handsome. Downstairs is gloriously pretentious Irene, whose precocious 5 year old is in therapy after setting fire to his father's copy of The Guardian. And then there is shrewd, intellectual Domenica MacDonald mysteriously employed but a sharp-eyed observer of the house's activities in her spare time...

  • Six Messiahs
  • 7th heaven
    A string of fatal arson attacks have broken out in San Francisco. The targets have one thing in common - they are all rich, successful, married couples.  With four couples dead, Lindsay is determined to stop the killings and trace the murderer. Lindsay is also on the case of Michael Campion,  people's hero and popular governor's son who publicly battled against a rare and debilitating heart condition. When he vanished without trace one evening, the search for him hit the headlines daily. But the trail went cold very quickly.  Now there is a devastating new lead - but what is the link between the  Campion case and the arson attacks? Lindsay and her fellow Women's Murder Club members are in a race to find the suspects and stop the killers.
  • blunt instrument
    Ernest Fletcher was found dead in his study, his head severely battered. At first it seemed a complete mystery, for Fletcher was well-liked. But Superintendent Hannasyde soon found that the dead man was not what he appeared. In fact, there was a whole host of likely suspects...And then the killer struck again.
  • caribbean mystery
    Miss Marple is on holiday in the West Indies. Other guests include:  A South American lady with gigolo attendants; an English tycoon, his strangely silent secretary and a sinister masseuse who seems capable of anything...