Dust jacket has edgewear

//Dust jacket has edgewear
  • dragon defiant
    A unique study of Vietnam from prehistory to 1972.
  • gathering of eagles
    In the remote barren wasteland of North-western Australia, three  wandering thugs make a murderous bid to gain ownership of a newly discovered nickel fortune by crippling the legitimate owners' vehicles and setting the occupants adrift, without food or water, to die in the searing heat. The victims attempt the seemingly-impossible desert crossing, close-herded by the thugs.  But the killers have reckoned without the power of gratitude, when the victims receive assistance from someone they never expected to meet...
  • a good keen man
    A wickedly perceptive account of a deer culler's life.  A deer culler is often solitary by choice, venturing 'into town' only when en route to another critical area or to blow his money on beer, women or whatever else he's been dreaming about all season!  Here is not only the rewards and punishments of such a career, but also the uproarious  oddity of the men who pursue it.
  • DSCN4684
    Book II of Mordant's Need. The fortress of Orison is under siege by the Alend Armies; the Cadwal invaders are poised to strike; the traitors Eremis and Gilbur are preparing the ground for the hated enemies; and the actions of King Joyce are more baffling than ever.  Terisa needs to escape desperately - Gilbur is trying to kill her and the Castellan is about to torture her.  She must find Geraden, but he has fled through a mirror after it seemed that he murdered his brother.  Everything Geraden and Terisa love is about to be destroyed unless they can use the mirrors and their talent for Imagery.
  • A Season In Hell

    American socialite Sarah Talbot had everything going for her: a multi-million dollar business, a large circle of well-placed friends and a marriage to an English aristocrat and army colonel Edward Talbot. Talbot is killed in the Falklands campaign, leaving her with her adored stepson Eric, a Cambridge. student.  When Eric dies from a drug overdose, Sarah tries to uncover the mysterious circumstances of his death and finds all roads blocked by officialdom.  When she meets former SAS  sergeant Sean Egan, she knows  she had found the man who can help her. Together they embark on a quest to the depths of the underworld - truly, a season in hell.

  • Splash Of Red

    Fraser's third Jemima Shore mystery. Everyone loved Chloe Fontaine. Tiny and exquisitely pretty, her fragile looks hid her considerable talent as a novelist. There had been a series of admirers, lovers and husbands ever since her arrival in literary London. It hardly seemed to matter about the odd contrast between the disorderliness of her private life and the careful formality of her work. Then came the sudden and strange disappearance of Chloe, leaving Jemima in charge of her new London flat....

  • world to conquer
    On April 6, 1924, eight courageous young Army airmen too off on a 26,000 mile journey into the record books.  Three years before Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris, they set out from Seattle in four open-cockpit bi-planes, determined to circle the globe - and they did it. They were battered by blizzards and typhoons, lost in sandstorms and blinding fog and had even given up two of their number for dead.  Here is the epic story of the first around-the-world flight.
  • after the funeral
    Richard Abernethie died a very wealthy man.  All the relatives who attended the funeral benefited from his death.  There was no reason to suspect that his death was anything but a natural one - or was there?  Mr. Entwhistle, the old family lawyer, is uneasy.  Although the various members of the Abernethie family are outwardly prosperous, how badly do they need the money old Richard's death has brought them? Entwhistle goes to his old friend Hercule Poirot for help.
  • albion
    Terman is shipwrecked on  gentle seashore, and believes he has found a land of myth, but instead finds a people beset by the most basic of problems, problems it seems that he is uniquely equipped to solve. The peasants of Albion are in thrall to the ruling House of Ellon, against whose repression they have no redress. They have no long term memory and rely on instinct to get them through each day.Until Mina brings Terman home from the beach. He finds that naming the villagers gives them the ability to remember each day as it happens, to recall the position of their fields and what crops grow there, to recognise their friends and remember the dead. He hates the raids of the Ellonia and their taking of food and women, yet he is only one man against many. But Lian, child of Terman and Mina has inherited his father's gift of memory and uses it to begin  freeing his people from Ellonian rule, beginning with half a dozen ill-equipped warriors.  But as he travels to the Ellonian stronghold, more are drawn to him until the Despot is forced to respond