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  • 'big' clarke
    An ex-drover from Somerset, 'Big' Clarke - William John Turner Clarke - was physically a giant but it was his influence and wealth in 19th century pastoral Australia that earned him his sobriquet.  Physically disabled and orphaned young, his story is not wholyy rags to riches but he found the odds stacked heavily against him.  His former occupation of driving cattle to the London market was an asset when he migrated to Australia in 1829 - as was his knowledge of farming, livestock, his capacity for hard work, his sharp eye for a 'good beast' and astute judgement in business affairs. A wonderfully real pioneer and larger than life.
  • pilgrim's progress
    In which Nichols explores and investigates different faiths and religions.
  • waltz through the hills

    When brother and sister Drew, 11, and Sammy, 5, are orphaned they fear that they will be separated when they are sent to an orphanage.  The children set out for Perth from the small country town of Wyanilling, blithely believing they will find a ship sailing to England and their grandparents. It is desperate trek through the Australian bush. The police are out in force, searching for them with trackers, rewards are offered and the story builds until politicians become involved in the plight of two small children, wandering the vastness of the Australian bush alone.

  • world to conquer
    On April 6, 1924, eight courageous young Army airmen too off on a 26,000 mile journey into the record books.  Three years before Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris, they set out from Seattle in four open-cockpit bi-planes, determined to circle the globe - and they did it. They were battered by blizzards and typhoons, lost in sandstorms and blinding fog and had even given up two of their number for dead.  Here is the epic story of the first around-the-world flight.
  • acting my life
    After making  a brilliant impact at the RSC in the 1960s, Ian Holm consolidated his reputation with work for Harold Pinter then turned to film, appearing in cult/popular classics such as Alien, Chariots of Fire, The Fifth Element and Lord Of The Rings. His varied career has seen him play an android, Napoleon, King Lear, Hercule Poirot, Lewis Carroll, a hobbit and much more.  Large Print edition.
  • australian people australian tales

    A wealth of short stories by Marks that showcase Australian humour and our singular character - even the titles are intriguing. In this volume: A Bush Favourite; Pharmacist, Cure Thyself; Upper Houses And Pleasant Places;  Putts On Remembrance Day; The 'All-American' Boy; Cheque Book Journalism; All In The Family; Pundits, Potts And Parting Shots; Musical Chairs; On The Edge; Advice From An Icon; Technically Called Insurance; Crims And Scrums; Possession is No Tenths Of The Law; The Best Of A Few; The Pat I 'Knew'; Dinny, Doll And A Golden Bow; Gamblers and Drunks and The Moon In Her Hand.

  • australia new zealand and some islands of the south seas
    From the Carpenter's World Tracels series.  A fascinating look at life as it was here - in 1926! With 126 photographs and enticing chapter headings, such as: Life on the Sheep Station; The Three R's in Australia; Gold Diggings in Creek and Desert; Social Pests and Mutton and Butter for London Tables.
  • Baal
    A woman is ravished - and unto her a child is born, unleashing an unspeakable evil upon the world.  He is named Baal and he will lead the reader through the uttermost depths of evil, into a nightmare world of bloodlust and violence that would freeze the heart.
  • beyond the borders
    Short stories from the master of heroioc fantasy and the creator of Conan and Bran Mak Morn.