• This is the story of Jon Jamieson's struggle to survive after 27 years of marriage to a drunken, brutish philanderer.  The narrative traces her life from early loveless years at the mercy of an ambitious mother who arranges the marriage.  Rated as an excellent first novel.
  • Caine MutinyCaine Mutiny Page
    An epic novel concerning the troubles aboard a U.S.N. destroyer-minesweeper in the Pacific in 1943 - 1944 and the court-martial that follows.
  • Biggles And The Cruise Of The Condor CoverBiggles And The Cruise Of The Condor Frontispiece
  • medieval enigmas
    Puzzles, riddles, lateral-and-double-thinks with a medieval theme.
  • Dad In Politics

    The Poor Parson: The misfortunes of a Presbyterian bush minister - of the day a goanna ran up his leg and his horse bolted; his embarrassing financial position when his stipend is not forthcoming; the sudden disappearance of his church - and its equally sudden re-appearance as someone's house; and his meeting of such characters as the irascible farming Scot Duncan McClure, Storekeeper Bailey, Bill Eaglefoot and Lizzie Lake, to name just a few. Wonderful Aussie bush humour and pathos.

    Dad in Politics: The farmers need a man to go the Brisbane and put the farmers' sufferances before Parliament and 'talk straightforward' - Dad's the very man. He doesn't know much about Parliamentary protocol but his determined to have his say with a spectacular entry into the House! A fabulous and witty critique of Australian politics of the day. Illustrated by Syd Smith and Harry Julius

  • Daughters Of Cain

    An Inspector Morse mystery. It was Chief Superintendent Strang's opinion that too little progress had been made by the Thames Valley Police since the discovery of a corpse in a North Oxford flat.  The victim had been killed with a single stab wound to the stomach.  Yet the police had no weapon, no suspect and no motive. But within days of taking over the investigation, Inspector Morse and Detective Sergeant Lewis uncover startling new information about the life and death of Dr. Felix McClure, late of Wolsey College, Oxford. The trail leads directly to a staircase in Wolsey College and in particular to a former 'scout' there, one Edward Brooks - who himself disappears following the theft of a knife from the Pitt River Museum.  The another body is discovered and Morse finds himself with too many suspects, including Brooks's long-suffering wife, his attractive step-daughter and an enigmatic school mistress. But each seems to have an unimpeachable and unbreakable alibi. There seems to be no solution - until Morse receives a letter containing a declaration of love...

  • celtic enigmas
    Riddles, puzzles, lateral-thinks-and-double-thinks and who-or-what-did-it with a Celtic theme.
  • trumpet in the dusttrumpet in the dust
  • Soldier Of Fortune CoverSoldier Of Fortune Fronispiece