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  • 11.22.63
    Can you change the past?  More importantly, does the past want to be changed? Should it be changed or should we leave well enough alone?  Jake Epping is charged with a mission from a dying friend:  to step through a time hole and live for five years in the past of Elvis, big American cars and Lindy Hopping - to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Can it be done? And what will the end result be?
  • 1st to die
    Patterson's first in the series of the Women's Murder Club.  AS the only woman homicide detective in San Francisco, Lindsay Boxer has to be tough.  But the honeymoon murders throws her.  A brutal maniac is on a spree, slaughtering newly-weds.  Her determination to bring the killer to justice is threatened by a personal tragedy, so she turns to Claire, a coroner, Cindy, a journalist and Jill, an attorney for help in both crises: and the Women's Murder Club is born.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
    It Is 1867: an unknown monster roams the sea and a U.S. Navy ship commanded by Captain Farragut is sent to investigate the strange and hazardous world of the ocean's depths. Here is Verne's classic tale of Captain Nemo and the  Nautilus with all the suspense and excitement of a modern sci-fi thriller. Unabridged edition.
  • 2nd chance
    Lindsay Boxer, San Francisco's only woman homicide detective, is ready to reconvene the Women's Murder Club when a little girl is shot outside a church.  They start to track a mystifying killer - one who quickly turns his pursuers into victims.  Further murders lead them to suspect the killer is an ex-cop, but nothing will prepare them for the demented logic behind the killer's choice of victims.
  • 4.50 from paddington
    As the trains ran parallel, Mrs McGillicuddy could see into the lighted carriage only a few feet away.  A man, standing with his back to her, was strangling the life out of a woman, her eyes starting from their sockets, her face purple.  The end came as Mrs McGillicuddy watched - then the train accelerated rapidly and vanished from her sight...
  • celtic miscellany
    Translations from Celtic literature - an invaluable book for those interested in the Celtic history as it is all here, as told in their own words. This book contains legends, literatire, letters, observations and diary excerpts from the Celtic nation.
  • a good keen man
    A wickedly perceptive account of a deer culler's life.  A deer culler is often solitary by choice, venturing 'into town' only when en route to another critical area or to blow his money on beer, women or whatever else he's been dreaming about all season!  Here is not only the rewards and punishments of such a career, but also the uproarious  oddity of the men who pursue it.
  • pilgrim's progress
    In which Nichols goes on an exploration of different faiths and religions.
  • a pilgrims progresspilgrims progress
    Beverley Nichols examines and discusses various religious faiths - by trying them out for himself.