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  • Babylon 5
    The space station that was to be the last, best hope for peace was sooner or later going to be eclipsed by new political coalitions and technical advances. John Sheridan, who had guided the massive freeport through its most tumultuous days, knew that his own fate had been unalterably prophesied. Sheridan attempts to wage peace for the Interstellar Alliance, the final destiny that awaits him and his command staff. The final season of this iconic series.  Six disc set.
  • DVD Coneheads
    One look and you know they're from a very different place. They're from New way of way of far-off, far out Remulak. They're Beldar and Prymaat Conehead and an INS agent wants to deport them.  AND their teenage daughter is at odds with her parental units. A film that lampoons modern society to the hilt. Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • DSCN1676
    Isabel De La Cruz, a young teacher, appears in a photo that is among the limited evidence found by New York detective Scotty Galban as he investigates the murder of his partner. As Galban moves closer to solving the crime, he believes that Isabel may be a witness.  Things become more complicated when religious Isabel experiences strange occurrences after witnessing a miracle.
  • DVD Diplomacy
    As the Allies march toward Paris in the summer of 1944, Hitler gives orders that the French capital should not fall into enemy hands except as 'a field of rubble'.  The man assigned to carry out this barbaric act of destruction is Wehrmacht commander General von Choltitz, who already has mines planted on the Eiffel Tower, in the Louvre, Notre Dame and on the bridges over the Seine.  However at dawn on August 25, Swedish Consul General Nordling steals into German headquarters through a secret underground tunnel and there starts a tense game of cat and mouse as Nordling tries to persuade von Choltitz to abandon his plan. Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • DSCN1689
    Dragonheart: Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Julie Christie, Peter Postlethwaite and Sean Connery as "Draco" -  When Prince Einar is mortally wounded, he is given a gift of half of the heart of a dragon.  When he grows up as an evil tyrant, his knight Bowein is convinced his evil is due to the dragon's heart and swears to hunt down the dragon responsible, until only one dragon is left - Draco. Together with a monkish scribe, Draco teaches Bowein the truth of the matter. Dragonheart: A New Beginning - Chris Masterson, Robby Benson. It was believed that Draco had been the last dragon in existence - but an out-of-the-way monastery is hiding a  secret: a young dragon called Drake, being cared for and raised by the abbot.  A prediction of evil that arrives with a two tailed comet brings two mysterious travelers to the monastery, where an orphaned stable boy has discovered Drake and thinks that with his new friend, he may be able to become a knight in shining armour.
  • DVD Elektra
    Marvel's Elektra proves that looks can kill as the sexiest action hero ever erupts from the comic book pages to the screen. Restored to life after sustaining mortal wounds, her latest assignment forces her to make a fateful decision in the ultimate battle between good and evil. Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • DSCN1658
    When a full-scale war is engaged by the evil Scarran Empire, the Peacekeeper Alliance has but one hope - reassemble human astronaut John Crichton, once sucked into the Peacekeeper Galaxy through a wormhole. His task: recreate the invaluable wormhole weapon and flush the entire Peackeeper race to safety before the last war brings an end to the Universe.
  • DSCN1649
    A frustrated valet to the British ambassador in Turkey sets out to sell secrets as World War II comes to a close. Based on a true incident in Ankara that was known as Operation Cicero. Regarded as Maso's best film. Excess postage charged at the checkout wil be refunded when order is processed.
  • DSCN1630
    For four years, the intrepid crew of the NSEA Protector - Commander Taggart, Lt. Tawny Madison and Dr. Lazarus have had thrilling, dangerous missions in space - and then the series was cancelled.  Twenty years later, the 'crew' are still appearing at Galaxy Quest conventions and are bored to blazes - even the unnamed crewman who was killed off in Episode 3, Series Two has had enough.  But real aliens under attack have interpreted the Galaxy Quest television transmissions as historical documents - and they beam the crew of has-beens up to help them save the universe - with no script, no director and and no clue, the crew must give the performance of their lives! Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.