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  • revenge of the fluffy bunnies
    Book III of The Cineverse Cycle. Roger Gordon, lately of Earth - his passion for old movies matched only by his passion for the delectable Delores - has been appointed to lead the forces of good in a last ditch effort to rid the many cinematic worlds of the Cineverse of the evil of Doctor Dread.  The change is happening - war movies intertwine with drawing room comedies, art films with westerns, film noir mysteries with Itlaian sword and sandal epics.  The arch fiend Doctor Dread - whose desire for total destruction is matched only by his lack of good taste - is hastening the process with the help of Big Bertha, Menge the Merciless and Mother Antoinette, Mistress of Evil (and Roger's mother.)  Can Roger polish his aphorisms in time to control the changing environment and confront the Plotmaster?
  • raiders of gor

    Volume VI of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth. Here is the magnificent world of Gor, known also as Counter-Earth, a planet as strangely populated, as threatening, and as beautiful as any in fiction. Tarl Cabot of Earth has been hand-picked out of millions to be trained, schooled and disciplined by the best teachers, swordsmen and bowmen on Gor. In all of Gor there was only one city so depraved, its inhabitants so heedless, that none cared that the city was without a Home Stone. Tarl Cabot came to Port Kar, home of every outlaw and pirate on the planet, preying on the ships that sailed the beautiful sea of Thassa. Here Tarl could flourish, for he too lacked a heart and an allegiance.

  • bellmaker
    Vicious Foxwolf and his horde of rats are coming to Southsward.  Mariel and Dandin, prisoners of the merciless despot, have one slim chance of escape.  But can the legendary freedom fighter, Martin the Warrior, return from the past to save them?
  • well of time
    Ingrid, the beautiful healer's daughter of the Viking settlement of Wayland is pledged to redeem her village from the ravages of the Grey Folk, the drowned victims of the ancient Norse rituals.  Alone, she sets out across the savage landscape of the far north in search of the elixir of power she believes will restore Wayland to a life without fear.  She finds witchcraft, magic and violence - but also love and passion, as well as the secret strength of womanhood that will help her to confront the ancient power of Odin.
  • Kine
    A peaceful valley of woodland and marsh, unchanged for centuries - until the ferocious wild mink invaded, savage and unstoppable.  It is left to the tiny brave weasel Kine and his motley allies to fight back against Gru and her dark followers.
  • modern magician

    Jack never thought he'd find a job after a college, especially a job that combined his maths skills with his love of fantasy fiction.  But then he answered a classified ad and found himself teamed up with Merlin the Magician, battling the forces of darkness AND tracking down an ancient, savage demon...Well, the ad did say, "Some risks involved..."

  • shadrach in the furnace
    The world is ravaged by biological warfare, the population decimated by a ferocious genetically-transmitted disease called the organ rot.  Presiding over the wreckage is a 93 year old tyrant, kept youthful by organ transplants - Genghis Mao.  Shadrach, Genghis' trusted personal physician is a trusted cog in the works devoted to keeping the tyrant alive by the network of electronic transplants.  But Shadrach does not know he would soon be in a desperate struggle in which a paragon of idealism faced the incarnation of evil.
  • blood river
    Book IV of The Amtrak Wars. Steve, Cadillac and Clearwater meet in triumph and disaster as they try to evade the clutches of both the Iron Master and the First Family.  The Samurai of Ne-Issan are tenacious adversaries and the Federation rulers have no intention of loosening their grip on Steve Brickman. He and his friends are valuable pawns in a game which, if lost, could mean the end of the First Family's dream on reconquering the blue-sky world.
  • oceana fine
    Beneath Marvel Loch in Western Australia lie disused mine shafts. Above the ground rise silos.  It is a place of mystery and myth and is part of the landscape which charts the lives and decreasing fortunes of the Cleaver family.  This is a novel part whodunit, psycho-thriller, magic and fantasy.