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  • palace of kings

    In war-torn Elendium ancient prophecies of the enchanter-guardian Nevian begin to come to life.  Thane, once King Holbian's humble messenger, has risen to lead the warriors of Underfall to a great victory over the armies of Krulshards, Master of Darkness.  But even as Thane claims his grandfather's magical sword to kill the Nightmare enemy. Krulshards escapes into the labrythine darkness of the City of Night where he prepares a terrible revenge.  Thane is pledged to follow and destroy Kruklshards, but man day's ride away, Holbian waits trapped in the besieged Granite City, battling his terror of the dark as seething Nightbeast hordes swarm against the walls.  The fate of Elendium hangs on Thane's choice.

  • Fairy Tales Of Ireland Sinead D E Valera
    Twenty two stories of Irish fantasy and Faery, including: The Pooka; The Enchanted Lake; The Three Drinks; The Stolen Child; The Rightful King; the Magic Mist. The princes are good and handsome, the princesses beautiful and honest, the good and kind people always get their reward and there is a crock of gold at the end of every rainbow.
  • throme of the erril of sherill
    The Road will twist and turn three times...and on the third twist, on a hill, is the black and rotting House of the Doleman, with great towers but no doors, and broken walls and strange shoutings from within the walls.  But there will be visitors to this House...
  • firestorm
    The young man whose father had told him to come back a man met Lillian and Carlos on a boat to Port Said.  They take a trip together up the Nile which will take them into a bizarre world of strange sex, nightmare violence and gruesome death.
  • star fox
    Earthmen and Aleriona have met in space and neither can afford to let the other get too strong.  The Aleriona claim that all the inhabitants of the captured human outpost, New Europe, were killed.  The World Federation on Earth seems committed to peace at any price.  But there are those - like ex-navy Captain Gunnar Helm - who know that further appeasement will only lead to more Aleriona aggression.  He believes there must be a showdown NOW - before it's too late.
  • wounded land
    The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.  Thomas returns unwillingly to a Land ravaged by four thousand years of Lord Foul's pestilence.  Under the evil Sunbane, the people submit to cruel sacrifices; the rulers of Revelstone are corrupt; the fields and the forests are laid waste; the healing Earthpower is impotent.  Accompanied by a woman from his own world, Thomas begins a new quest to save the Land.
  • spoils of war
    Book III of The Damned. After millennia of useless war, the union of alien races was on the verge of winning a decisive victory - thanks to their new Earth allies.  But then the birdlike Wais scholar, Lalelelang, found disturbing evidence that huamns might not adapt so easily to peace.  When her field research revealed the existence of a secret group of powerfully telepathic humans called the Core, it looked as if Lalelelang would be the first victim in a new war between Humans and their allies.  At the last moment, a lone Core commander took a chance on her intelligence and compassion, to gamble the fate of Humanity on the remote chance they  could find an alternative to a galaxy-wide bloodbath.
  • curtain of fear
    In 1952, political tension in Europe nears breaking point as the Superpowers double and redouble the nuclear stakes - each one pushing the other as far as it will go.  Nicholas Novak is an idealist, a left wing professor who views the international situation as remote and vaguely exciting.  Then Nicholas' cousin, a top nuclear scientist, announces his intention to defect. Within hours, a quiet weekend dissolves into a nightmare adventure behind the Iron Curtain.
  • murder on the orient express
    The Orient Express is snowbound in the Balkans, while on board, the passengers are locked in for the night.  By morning, one of them has been brutally murdered.  And Hercule Poirot confronts twelve unlikely suspects.