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  • Beyond The Pale

    Book I of The Last Rune. On Eldh, an ancient gate of iron weakens. A darkness that has slept for a thousand years - the Pale King - stirs once more. On Earth, a preacher of the Apocalypse blows into a Colorado town with a message: darkness is coming. Travis Wilder, bar-owner and drifter, is given a mysterious stone by a friend. Grace Beckett, an ER doctor, finds a gunshot victim with an iron heart. Both Travis and Grace must step beyond the pale, beyond the boundaries of the world they knew. As doors are opened for each of them, they enter Eldh, a world where they are caught against their wills in an ancient struggle between good and evil, a world of magic, runes - and death. Cover art by Steve Youll.

  • billion dollar brain

    Harry Palmer, who has left MI5 to work as a private investigator, is told by a mechanical voice on the phone to take a package to Helsinki.  But he is abducted by his former MI5 superior, Colonel Ross  who coerces him into working once more for the British government in pursuing a conspiracy. After being captured and left for dead in Latvia, Harry is rescued by Colonel Stok , an old acquaintance from the KGB. Pursuing the conspiracy he arrives in Texas and meets oil tycoon General Midwinter who proudly displays his billion-dollar 'brain', a room full of computers that dispenses orders to his agents around the world. The General is in the midst of planning a rebellion which he thinks will trigger the fall of the Soviet Union. His plan -  infect the Red Army with viruses, a move that could trigger World War III. It's up to Harry to stop the virus, travelling via eggs, to the Soviet Union.

  • Black Is The Colour Of My True Loves Heart

    Singers and musos are gathered for a weekend folk music course  in the fantastic country mansion named Fiollymead. Most come only to sing or listen, but one or two have musical scores to settle. When Liri Palmer sings: Black, black black is the colour of my true-love's heart! His tongue is like a poisoned dart, the coldest eyes, the lewdest  hands... She clearly has a message for someone in  the audience. Passions run  high - something is brewing at Follymead. Among the music students are Tossa Barber and her boyfriend Dominic Felse. And when disaster strikes, Dominic can privately enlist the aid of his dad - Detective Inspector George Felse.

  • black william
    The coronation celebrations for George I were state-ordained gaiety - a brittle, artificial gaiety.  For many the rightful king was still the Stuart Pretender over the water.  In the vigorous North country, the Jacobites were strong.  Mary Lawley felt the country's conflicting loyalty in her own heart.  The two men in her life were committed by birth and conviction to the opposing sides.
  • bless the child
    The last thing newly-widowed Maggie O'Connor wants is the responsibility of a baby.  But when her heroin-addict daughter Jenna abandons new-born Cody, Maggie's maternal instincts and love prevail.  Three years later, an impeccably groomed Jenna complete with her new wealthy husband Eric Vannier returns to claim her daughter.  On Maggie's first visit to Cody in the new home, the child is vacant-eyed, subdued and fearful.  The police cannot act - until an anonymous caller reveals the Vannier's link to a Satanic cult.  Then an acnient prophecy begins to turn to reality, and suddenly there is more at stake than little Cody's sanity and safety.
  • blood river
    Book IV of The Amtrak Wars. Steve, Cadillac and Clearwater meet in triumph and disaster as they try to evade the clutches of both the Iron Master and the First Family.  The Samurai of Ne-Issan are tenacious adversaries and the Federation rulers have no intention of loosening their grip on Steve Brickman. He and his friends are valuable pawns in a game which, if lost, could mean the end of the First Family's dream on reconquering the blue-sky world.
  • Blood Trillium

    Sequel to Black Trillium. Three princesses endowed with the awesome powers of the Trillium Talismans.  Haramis is devoted to the study of magic and science; Anigel and her husband King Atar govern their provinces with love; Kadiya is still wild, impetuous and careless.  Then Kadiya loses her Talisman in the deep waters off the Windlorn Isles and Anigel's husband and children are kidnapped by the mysterious sorcerer Portolanus, who demands Anigel's Talisman as ransom.  The world begins to lose balance.  Storms rage and war looms.

  • Bolo
    Book I. The Annals of the Dinochrome Brigade. The great artillery machines developed by the Bolo Division of General Motors took on awareness in later designs and gradually began to replace man in that most human of endeavours - WAR! Here, in the first of this landmark series, the ultimate fighting machines tell their own fascinating, far-ranging and ultimately tragic story.
  • Bridge Of Birds

    Number Ten Ox was a droll and modest young man who had no wish to be a hero.  But when a malevolent plague fell over his village, Ox had no choice, for all the children between the ages of eight and thirteen lay still as death in the old monastery.  With his mentor, a wise and wily sage and old beyond belief, Ox set forth to find the antidote to the poison.  Their search leads them to a homicidal monarch, the cruellest duke in history, pleading ghosts, Jade Pearl, the loveliest girl in the world and a mystery that began a thousand years before they were born.