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  • eternity code
    Artemis has constructed a super-computer from stolen fairy technology.  In the wrong hands, it could be fatal for humans and fairies alike.  But Artemis has a brilliant plan.  He's not going to use it.  He's just going to show it to a ruthless American businessman with Mafia connections. He'll have his bodyguard Butler with him.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • Saxon Tapestry
    The last brilliance and final tragic ending of Anglo-Saxon England woven around the charismatic figure of Hereward the Wake and Harold Godwineson.  Hereward's boyhood unfolds against a background of poisonous intrigue as the ailing Edward the Confessor prepares for death - while the Viking raven and the Norman wolf prepare to devour England's carcass. After Harold's defeat at Hastings, it is left to the once-exiled Hereward to lead the last defiant stand against the invader.
  • Marathon
    The Open Palm and her crew are the finest Earth has to offer in 2058.  The mission: serve as ambassadors of the human race to the aliens called Cygnans. The eleven people on board must live together for seven years.  They were handpicked for the mission but their success hangs on factors that no psychologist could have foreseen. And there is a twelfth personality to contend with: the ship's computer, programmed to complete the mission successfully and to monitor the crew.  What level of awareness can such a machine develop? How refined can its decision-making be after years of human input?  And when the mission starts to deteriorate, what will it choose to do?
  • night howl
    Bobby loves his dog King, a playful German Shepherd - until the day King turns and attacks him, snarling and vicious. The dog is put to sleep but Bobby still sees him everywhere - in the garden, on the stairs...crouching...waiting...Then the horrific deaths begin - brutal savage maulings.  Terror grips the sleepy town of Fallsburg and doors are locked at night. For through the woods runs a dark shadow with dripping jaws, eluding pursuit with uncanny skill.  Now, more than ever, the scientists down the road most guard the deadly secret of the monster they've let loose.
  • Deadline

    When a circus tent fire calls reporter Dalton Walker into action, he's disturbed to find that an eight year old girl is a victim of the tragedy; and no relatives come to identify the body. While searching for leads Walker has to juggle a second, seemingly fluffier piece: the success story of a young Amish woman he left her pious home to make it big in New York as a dancer. But not every big city story is what it seems....

  • death to the landlords

    Landlords are never the most popular people, and there is little grief when the greedy, ruthless Mahendralal Bakhle is blown up in his boat on beautiful Periyar Lake.  Suspicion falls on the boat-boy who died with him but Dominic Felse, a member of a party of young tourists who were accidentally involved with the tragedy, is not convinced of the boy's guilt. And when they move on, it seems the terror is still pursuing them.   Violence and death erupt in the home of a very different landowner, where Dominic and his friends are guests, and follow them relentlessly south to the very tip of India where Dominic and the Swam Premanathanand, a man of peace, unravel a deadly Indian rope trick of hatred and murder.

  • Mysterious Affair At Styles

    A mysteriously destroyed will, a shattered coffee cup, a splash of candle-grease, an old envelope, a newly planted bed of begonias. Such were the seemingly unlinked details surrounding the murder of wealthy Mrs Inglethorp, mistress of Styles Court. Small matters to most, but intriguing enough to feed the curiosity of Monsieur Hercule Poirot as, with the thoroughness which has since become legendary, the methodical little Belgian detective began his first - and perhaps most fascinating - Christie assignment.

  • This Is The Way The World Begins Jt Mcintosh
    From the holiday planet of Paradiso one could go on so many exciting excursions - Mars, Venus, the Moon, even the most distant and alien worlds were accessible to the inquisitive holiday maker, courtesy of Starways, Inc. - the giant combine which owned Paradiso and half the galaxy.  But there was only one trip which interested Ram Burrell and it was the one that Starways seemed to be actively discouraging trippers from taking - the trip to  Earth, the birthplace of Man. And once Burrell had got a ticket for the journey, he began to discover why Earth had been the least visited planet and why Starways and worked so hard to keep it that way.n
  • habit of loving
    Seventeen short stories, a collection which is regarded as Lessing's finest.  The themes range from the dilemma of a too-attractive woman to the perilous initiation into manhood of a young boy.  The characters linger: the aging rake and his insensitive doll-like bride; the compulsive housekeeper estranged from her untidy husband even as she yearns for him; the sheltered young wife who experiences the horror of a locust swarm on her husband's farm.  Here is irony, satire, brilliant realism and powerful tragedy.