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  • contraband

    There was menace in the night skies over England: an international smuggling racket with far-reaching political implications. Gregory Sallust knew nothing of this when, in the Casino at Deuville, he first saw the beautiful Sabine Sventy. Even the presence beside her of Lord Gavin Fortescue -  a man as rich as he was evil - gave him no warning of the violence and danger to which he was committed from that very moment, nor that he would have to save Sabine from a retribution that she ha surely earned.

  • evil in a mask

    Napoleon is at the height of his powers and has become the complete autocrat, lusting for more power. Roger Brook, the most valuable and resourceful of secret agents, moves among the centres of power of Europe and beyond and is taken, by mischance and intrigue to Turkey, Persia, Portugal and Brazil. Interwoven with the history is the thread of Roger's passionate involvement with the beautiful Lisala de Pombal, who plays her part in leading him from one desperate situation to another.

  • island where time stands still

    On a pleasure cruise in the South Seas, Sir Pellinore Gwaine-Cust's yacht hits a coral reef and sinks.  Only one survivor is washed ashore - Gregory Sallust.  When he regains consciousness, he finds himself among a community of Chinese, ruled by the descendants of the ancient Imperial House.  Within days, the throne becomes vacant and Gregory joins an expedition to find the true heir - a hazardous search that takes him deep into the forbidden heart of China.

  • mystery

    High society and the desires of the rich are usually satisfied on the tiny Caribbean island of Mill Walk.  But Tom Pasmore has a boyish yen to play detective, and he befriends his neighbour Lamont, who was once a renowned amateur sleuth.  But Tom's passion for murder cases is making waves - for Mill Walk is a place where murders are tidied up like so much litter, and some very powerful people prefer it that way.  The 1925 murder of Jeanine Thielman at Eagle Lake is Tom's pet fascination and when Tom gets a chance to have a holiday there, he succeeds in annoying a lot of people very rapidly.  His love affair with Sarah, who is already earmarked for marriage to a son of Mill Walk's most powerful family is bad enough.  But when Tom starts his investigation into the Thielman murder, he is in real danger of uncovering the dark secrets of those who own and run Mill Walk.

  • secret war

    1936 - As Mussolini's troops invade Abyssinia the international situation deteriorates and the armaments kings look forward to even fatter profits. No-one, it seems, can halt the carnage. Except-  perhaps - the Millers of God, a group of wealthy individuals dedicated to the systematic execution of all those who feed off human suffering. Sir Anthony Lovelace doesn't approve of their methods. But when Christopher Penn and his fiancee call on his friendship, he too finds himself int he desperate gamble for the cause of peace.

  • rose of the prophet

    Book II of The Rose Of The Prophet. The Great War of the Gods means nothing to the proud people of the mortal plane - until Akhran the Wandering God decrees the union of two mighty feuding clans. Though the families are fierce warriors, they are few in number. Even the marriage of Khardan and Zohra is not enough to overpower the strength of the invading army. Now, with Khardan and Zohra mysteriously missing, the two clans have lost all hope of ever seeing their beloved open skies. But Prince Khardan and Princess Zohra, aided by the wizard Mathew, have been given another mission - one that seems at first futile but will prove to have far-reaching consequences.

  • raiders of gor

    Volume VI of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth. Here is the magnificent world of Gor, known also as Counter-Earth, a planet as strangely populated, as threatening, and as beautiful as any in fiction. Tarl Cabot of Earth has been hand-picked out of millions to be trained, schooled and disciplined by the best teachers, swordsmen and bowmen on Gor. In all of Gor there was only one city so depraved, its inhabitants so heedless, that none cared that the city was without a Home Stone. Tarl Cabot came to Port Kar, home of every outlaw and pirate on the planet, preying on the ships that sailed the beautiful sea of Thassa. Here Tarl could flourish, for he too lacked a heart and an allegiance.

  • sword of flame
    Book III of The Artefacts of Power. Though Aurian and her fellow Mage Anvar have escaped the clutches of the Archmage, they have yet to life the curse on Aurian's only child and put an end to Miathan's evil.  Only the Sword of Flame, the last and greatest of the Artefacts of Power, an help them.  And Death is awaiting his third and final meeting with them both.
  • third book of swords
    Coinspinner, Farslayer, Mindsword and nine more...The Gods gave the Swords of Power to humankind for a gamer - but the Swords can kill the Gods as well as mortals. And as the Gods begin to die, the mortals find that life is not what it seemed...