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    The children had been waiting for centuries for someone to hear their cries.  Now nine year old Christie has come to live in the house on the hill, the house where no children have lived for fifty years.  And it's in Christie's old-fashioned nursery on the third floor that the terror will begin.
  • whisper of death
    Roxanne and Pepper are a teenage couple with problems.  When they return to their small town after a weekend away, they find the town empty.  They call other towns.  Also empty.  They find the whole world empty.  But eventually they discover three other kids their age who are still alive in the town.  But why are they the only ones left?  All they have in common is that they were each directly or indirectly involved in the death of plain, shy, brilliant Betty Sue who committed suicide a short time ago - and who had written short stories about each of them - stories of hate, revenge and death in a dead world.
  • Whistleblowers

    The whistleblower is the lone person who decides enough is enough and that it's time to speak out.  But what motivates them? What do they go through to expose an issue? How do they deal with their employer or the authority they are confronting? What are the ramifications for both the employer and the individual? Here, Dempster - hard-hitting journalist - deals with issues ranging from the BHP and Westpac to the Civil Aviation Authority, giving the background of the issues and the individuals involved. He knows the price those individuals pay for their efforts and also looks at how companies or businesses should react so that in the longterm, the public interest is better served. Whether you are an employer or an employee, this book is for you.

  • Who Killed Bianca
    Bianca Bernini did not foresee that she would inspire her own murder when she boarded the legendary Ghan for the two day train trip from Sydney to Alice Springs. As the most read, most listened to gossip columnist in Australia. She revelled in her power to ruin the lives of eight other passengers - eight highly-placed, privileged people, who were determined to hide their secrets at any cost. What would they pay to stop the public revelations she could and would make? For K.C. Gordon, successful romance novelist, travelling is a way to recharge her batteries - meet new people, see new places, have new experiences. Wanting to set her next story in the Australian outback she starts off her trip on The Ghan hoping some of the passengers will provide inspiration for new characters. Within an hour of the rain leaving, she is reluctantly drawn into the web Bianca is weaving around her victims.  But the web is already spun. K.C. is caught up in the threads of murder - a prime witness.
  • Wild Cards
    Book I  of a super series. There is a secret history of the world, in which an alien virus struck the earth in the aftermath of World War II. endowing a handful of survivors with superhuman powers.  Come were called Aces - gifted with extraordinary mental and physical abilities.  Others were Jokers - cursed with bizarre mental or physical deformities.  Some used their talents in  the service of mankind  - and others used them for evil.  Described as a mosaic novel, with contributions by Edward Bryant, Stephen Leigh, Roger Zelazny, Leanne C. Harper, George R.R. Martin, Victor Milan, John J. Miller, Lewis Shiner, Melinda M. Snodgrass. Howard Waldrop and Walter Jon Williams.
  • wildwraiths last battle
    She had been a God, lord of all forests and the creatures that dwell within, until a thoughtless act of cruelty brought heavenly justice - sentenced to the worst punishment of become human.
  • A Magickal Year
    Horne's second book, featuring rituals, incantations, festivals and sacred sites and the daily business of being a modern witch at home and in the work force. Written and published just as Horne 'went Hollywood', thus losing the respect of the serious pagan and Wiccan community.
  • witchcraft and magic
    How do shamans set about drumming up the spirits? What happens at a seance?  Includes chapters on ritual magic; sex, sorcery and seances; the elixir of life and the famous Bell Witch.  A small basic book, but containing occult references not often found in other books on this topic.
  • Worlds End

    The sequel to The Snow Queen. BZ Gundhalinu left Tiamat before the Stargate closed, cutting him off forever from the woman he loves:  Moon Dawntreader Summer is now the Summer Queen and the BZ knows he can never again be her lover. An outcast, he travels to the planet Four: a wild planet where all the rogues and ruffians in the Universe gather to plunder the mineral wealth of the vast uncharted wilderness known as World's End. But there is more to World's End than dangerously-won riches. There is a chance for BZ to unlock the secrets of Old Empire technology and to rediscover his soul, his destiny and his love.