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  • Centurions Empire Sean Mcmullen
    In the year that Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii, the Roman centurion Vitellan set off for the 21st century as Imperial Rome's last human powered time machine.  He killed an unfaithful lover just by letting her grow old but her hate pursued him across seven centuries. In 1358 he stood with a few dozen knights against an army of nine thousand to defend a beautiful countess - and earned a love that would conquer death.  Now Vitellan has awakened in the 21st century, bewildered, betrayed and hunted in a world where bodies and minds are swapped and memories are bought, sold and read like books. But worst of all, a deadly enemy from the 14th century is alive and closing in.
  • island where time stands still

    On a pleasure cruise in the South Seas, Sir Pellinore Gwaine-Cust's yacht hits a coral reef and sinks.  Only one survivor is washed ashore - Gregory Sallust.  When he regains consciousness, he finds himself among a community of Chinese, ruled by the descendants of the ancient Imperial House.  Within days, the throne becomes vacant and Gregory joins an expedition to find the true heir - a hazardous search that takes him deep into the forbidden heart of China.

  • Marathon
    The Open Palm and her crew are the finest Earth has to offer in 2058.  The mission: serve as ambassadors of the human race to the aliens called Cygnans. The eleven people on board must live together for seven years.  They were handpicked for the mission but their success hangs on factors that no psychologist could have foreseen. And there is a twelfth personality to contend with: the ship's computer, programmed to complete the mission successfully and to monitor the crew.  What level of awareness can such a machine develop? How refined can its decision-making be after years of human input?  And when the mission starts to deteriorate, what will it choose to do?
  • Planet Of The Dreamers John D Macdonald
    A dramatic tale of two worlds - the Earth and the strange dying planet in outer space whose inhabitants, the Dreamers, are determined to keep Man chained to the Earth.
  • night howl
    Bobby loves his dog King, a playful German Shepherd - until the day King turns and attacks him, snarling and vicious. The dog is put to sleep but Bobby still sees him everywhere - in the garden, on the stairs...crouching...waiting...Then the horrific deaths begin - brutal savage maulings.  Terror grips the sleepy town of Fallsburg and doors are locked at night. For through the woods runs a dark shadow with dripping jaws, eluding pursuit with uncanny skill.  Now, more than ever, the scientists down the road most guard the deadly secret of the monster they've let loose.
  • nul's quest
    In Twilight Valley - where spells don't work at all - any wizard mad enough to admit his trade will find himself in front of a squad of archers.  But Jeremy Moon, advertising executive turned sorcerer, has sworn to help his small furry friend Nul the Pika in his quest to find any surviving members of his almost-extinct race.  Of course, the trail leads Jeremy, Nul and the wizard Barach - with sundry stone gargoyles - straight to the dangerous Twilight Valley.
  • assassins apprentice
    Volume I of The Farseer Trilogy. Fitz, a royal bastard,is cast out into the world with only his magical link with animals for solace and companionship.  But when Fitz is adopted into the royal household, he must give up his old ways and learn a life of weaponry, scribing, courtly manner and how to secretly kill a man.  Meanwhile, raiders ravage the coasts, leaving the people Forged and soulless.  Fitz has to face his first terrifying mission, not only a risk to his target, but also to himself.  For Fitz is a threat to the throne, but he may also be the key to the future of the kingdom.
  • how far to bethlehem
    A very unusual and compelling tale of the Three Wise Men and their possible origins:  Melchior, the ascetic scholar from Asia; Gaspar, the barbarian; and Balthazar, the slave who has escaped from a cruel, vicious mistress.  They travel a hazardous path, led by Melchior the visionary, as well as a private spiritual path that will lead them to a humble destination of the greatest importance.
  • civil action
    A young, get-ahead lawyer is approached by  group of families who believe themselves poisoned by toxic waste dumped near their water supply.  Many of their children have died of leukaemia.  Two of America's largest companies defend the action.  Nine years of tooth and nail litigation follow, with millions of dollars at stake as the lawyer fights a David and Goliath battle against the resources of big business.  A true story.