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  • Fools Fate

    Book III of The Tawny Man. A small and sadly untried coterie - the old assassin Chade, the serving-boy Thick, Prince Dutiful and his reluctant Skillmaster Fitz - sail toward the distant isle of Aslevjal. There they must fulfil the Narcheska's challenge: to lay the head of the dragon Icefyre, whom legends tell is buried  there deep beneath the ice, upon her hearth. Only then can their marriage proceed and put an end to the war between the two kingdoms. Having abandoned the Fool in Buckkeep, Fitz is guilt-stricken, but determined to keep the fate of his beloved friend at bay, since prophecy foretells the Fool's if he ever sets foot on the isle of the black dragon. But as their ship draws in towards Aslevjal a lone figure awaits them...

  • Second Foundation (2)
    The old First Empire lies shattered, swept away by the forces of First Foundation, established by psychohistorian Hari Seldon, the only man to have foreseen the shifting patterns of the inhabited Cosmos.  But not even Seldon could have predicted the mutant menace of the Mule - a being of terrifying supernormal powers who can precipitate a savage struggle that can lay waste to entire star systems.
  • Sands Of Sakkara

    November, 1943. Hitler sanctions his boldest mission yet - to kill President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill as they visit Cairo for a secret conference to plan the Allied invasion of Europe. Only one man is capable of leading the mission: Major Johann Halder, one of the Abwehr's most brilliant agents, a man with a tortured soul and a talent for the impossible. Accompanied by an undercover team and young Egyptologist Rachel Stern, Halder must race against time across the hostile desert to reach Cairo and successfully carry out the assignment - or forfeit his own life and that of his young son. When U.S. military intelligence learn of the plot, Lt. Colonel Harry Weaver is assigned to hunt down and eliminate Halder and his time.  But for Weaver, there's more than the balance of the war and the Allied leaders at stake.

  • Paradise War

    Book 1 of Song Of Albion. Lewis is drawn from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the misty moors and glens of Scotland, expecting nothing more than a pleasant weekend away. But the road north leads him through a mystical crossroads, and he finds himself in a place where two worlds meet in the time-between-worlds. The ancient Celts admitted no separation between this world and the Otherworld; the two were delicately interwove, each dependent on the other.  This balance is now disturbed - a breach has opened between the worlds and cosmic catastrophe threatens.

  • Silver Hand
    Book II of Song Of Albion. King Meldryn Mawr is dead and his kingdom lies in ruins. Treachery and brutality stalk the land. Prince Meldron, prompted by the cunning and grasping Siawn Hy now claims the throne. The fate of Albion and the destiny of the long-awaited champion Silver Hand hang in the balance.
  • Coming Of Conan

    Here is the birth of Conan - the first thirteen stories appearing in their original version - in some cases for the first time in over 70 years - and in the order in which they were written: Cimmeria; The Phoenix On The Sword; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The God In The Bowl; The Tower Of The Elephant; The Scarlet Citadel; Queen Of The Black Coast; Black Colussus; Iron Shadows In The Moon; Xuthal Of The Dusk; The Pool Of The Black One; Rogues In The House; The Vale Of Lost Women; The Devil In Iron. One for the true Conan enthusiast. Illustrated by Mark Schultz.

  • Stalking The Wild Pendulum

    Bentov - 'Ben' to his friends - says this book is the result of some living room discussions with friends over a period of time, which become more elaborate as topics were added. His dilemma was - at what point does one stop acquiring knowledge and start writing? He chose to write. Goal: to build a model of the Universe that will satisfy the need for a comprehensive picture of what our existence is all about.  In other words, a holistic model that encompasses not only the physical, observable universe that is our immediate environment and the distant universe as observed by astronomers, but the  'realities'  of our emotional, mental and intuitive components.

  • Guru Papers

    Beneath the visible authoritarianism in politics, social structures and personalities is a far more pervasive covert, authoritarianism, hidden in culture, morality and daily life. By unmasking authoritarianism in such areas as addiction, intimate relationships, cuts and religion, the authors expose it as a major social factor in social disintegration. Part 1 examines the most extreme example of one person giving power to another, the guru/disciple relationship, as this reveals less obvious occurrences of control Guru is a metaphor for anyone who manipulates others under the guise of knowing ‘what’s best’ for them – whether leaders, mothers or lovers. Party 2 decodes the authoritarian control concealed in contemporary values and beliefs and portrays how basic problems, both personal and global, are tied to authoritarian assumptions so embedded they are taken for granted.

  • Dance Of Anger

    Anger is a signal and one worth listening to. Anger deserves out attention and respect, yet women still learn to silence their anger, deny it entirely to to vent it in a way that laves them feeling helpless and powerless. Here, women can learn to identify the real source of their anger and to use it as a powerful vehicle for creating meaningful and lasting change.