Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • on the third day

    The skeleton of a crucified man has been unearthed in Jerusalem.  Eminent Israeli archeologist Michal Dugan urges his celebrated colleague John Lambert, a Simonite monk, to examine the find and verify what he so strongly suspects - that the body is that of Christ. Such a sensational revelation will rock the world  but before the find can be  made public, Father Lambert is found hanged, apparently a despairing suicide...

  • post mortem
    The first of Cornwell's Scarpetta stories.  In Richmond, Virginia, three women have died, brutalised and strangled in their own bedrooms.  The only connection is that the killer always strikes early on Saturday mornings.  And when Scarpetta is woken at 2.33 a.m., she knows there is a fourth victim.  She must dig up new forensic evidence to aid the police.  But not everyone is pleased to see a woman in a powerful job.  There are some who want to ruin her career and reputation.
  • Ghost beyond Earth

    An old man is possessed and tormented by an evil spirit...the ghost of a little girl returns to terrorise her isolated home...a house in the leafy suburbs becomes a place of worship for followers of the black arts..crew members begin to die on a space station when a cryogenics experiment goes horribly wrong...and a corpse is grotesquely brought back to life in the name of science.  All these incidents are linked to Matthew Kindling: an ex-priest fighting for his sanity and his life, relentlessly pursued by Darkness and propelled towards a confrontation with an evil beyond human imagination.

  • tim
    Tim, at twenty five, has the body and face of an Adonis and the mind of a child.  Mary is over 40, a career woman who lives alone.  She sees Tim working on a building site and they become friends -  then more than friends.  This edition pictured  is the original story, not a novelised film edition.
  • day of the butterfly
    Daisy Holt was always convinced that something wonderful was just about to happen, and when dismissed from her post as a nursery maid, she set off cheerfully into the jungle of Mid-Victorian London protected by nothing but her innocence.  When Kitty Hammond, proprietress of the 'select establishment' discovered her, she was quick to realise that Daisy had a rare talent and she was, unwittingly, saved from a life of prostitution to become a successful entertainer.  It was there she met impoverished artists John Skelton.  To him, Daisy represented the perfect model, one who would inspire his work.  But Daisy fell hopelessly in love with him.  Her love would launch her on a stormy career in which luxury, admiration and suffering would all play a part.
  • towards zero
    On February 14, someone works out a scheme for murder and fixes a date in September.  During the summer, others in the cast of the events to come make their holiday plans.  In September, Mr. Treves, London solicitor, finds himself in a comfortable hotel near Gull's Point, homeof Lady Tressilian.  Gathered int he house is an assortment of guests: Neville Strange, well known athlete and Lady Tressilian's heir; his beautiful wife Kay; his divorced wife Audrey; and Thomas Royde, an old friend of the family on leave from Malaya. Kay's decorative friend Ted Latimer is staying at a hotel across the estuary.  And in the background, the incorruptible journalist McWhirter.  The stage is set for murder, and events are moving inexorably towards zero.
  • Michael And All The Angels

    The Ipswich coach which arrived at the Fleece Inn in the autumn of 1817 carried a strange, ill-assorted company, who were destined to change forever the lives of those who lived at the Fleece. Will Oakley, landlord and host, with his two daughters, one very beautiful and one astonishingly ugly, waited to receive the guests  - the farmers, the merchants, the 'quality' - and those who fitted into none of these categories...such as the handsome foreigner with the scarred face - or the fat man who appeared to be gloating over some malicious secret of his own... Don't be put off by the 'bodice-ripper' style cover; Norah Lofts wrote a brilliant, historically well-researched story every time.

  • pin

    It's been a perfect world since Mother and Father died. We've been more than a family, the three of us. More than family and more than friends. We've been everything, the three of us, everything - a perfect world: Ursula, Pin and me. But now she's spoiled it all. There was no reason for her to turn against us. No reason for her to be intimate with a complete stranger - to want someone else. It's going to kill Pin when he finds out. He's always been so fond of her, so very fond. He won't believe how she's betrayed him.  He won't. He's going to sulk. I know he is. But then he's going to get angry. Very angry. He's going to want to punish her somehow...

  • Molt Brother
    The Kren could not understand the aliens who came to their planet.  The humans did not raise venom. Or give birth to their young in eggs.  And they didn't molt. There was no way that a Kren would choose a human partner. But Arshel did.  Her human Molt brother was Dennis Lakely, son of famous archeologists.  One she joined their family, she became a part of their search for an ancient city.  She did not know that Dennis had chosen her for her hidden abilities and for her memory of a time in which they had both lived millennia ago - in the long lost City of a Million Legends.