Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Blue World

    Sklar Hast lives in the Blue World, a water paradise of floating islands big enough to support houses, sea gardens and communication towers so that the People of the Floats can wink messages to each other. All is harmony and perfection  - except for the sea monsters. King Kragen is the ruler of the deep, a great beast who subdues others of his kind for food and reverence. The submissive People of the Floats pay up, they know King Kragen is indestructible. Sklar knows it too and he doesn't care - he's going to try and kill him anyway!

  • Star King

    All his life, Kirth Gersen had had a single dream - to rid the galaxy of the five Demon Princes, the evil beings who had killed his parents and brought terror to the Oikumene. Trained for vengeance, Gersen learnt to crave their blood with every fibre of his being. Attel Malagate was the first name on his death list: a Star King with a fearful lust for power, he roamed the Beyond in human form.  But his humanity was only skin deep.  Underneath was a cruelty and a barbarism that would shock even the most depraved and savage of humans...

  • Witching Hour

    Book 1 of The Mayfair Witches. Dr. Rowan Mayfair is a gifted neurosurgeon in San Francisco, California. When her estranged birth mother dies in New Orleans, she begins to learn about the old Southern family to which she belongs. Michael Curry is a contractor who restores old homes while dreaming of his childhood in New Orleans and yearning to return there. Rowan gradually realizes that she has the psychic power to either save or destroy lives. But it seems to be Rowan's practical training as a doctor which allows her to revive Michael from death by drowning. His experience bestows an entirely new and unwanted clairvoyant ability upon him. They fall in love, and when Michael decides to return to New Orleans, Rowan follows him to learn the secrets of her past. Aaron Lightner, a psychic scholar and member of the Talamasca, has studied the Mayfairs from afar for years. The matriarchal family—known by the Talamasca as the "Mayfair Witches"—have a long and sordid history. Among the supernatural events surrounding them is a mysterious man, seen by Michael in his childhood and by other members of the family over time. Rowan and Michael marry and conceive a child. As the designee of the Mayfair legacy she assumes control of the family's affairs. Soon the mysterious man is revealed as Lasher, a spirit with wicked motives who has plagued the Mayfairs for centuries. His wish is to be made flesh so that he may walk the earth again in the permanent physical form of a human being, and he sets about slowly seducing Rowan. Rowan secretly thinks she can outwit Lasher with her psychic powers - but can she?

  • Shapechangers

    Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book I.  The Cheysuli, a race of magical warriors, gifted with the ability to assume any animal shape at will.  For centuries they had been the allies of the King of Homana, the treasured champions of the realm, until a king's daughter ran away with a Cheysuli liege man and caused a war of annihilation against the Cheysuli race.  Twenty five years later, the Cheysuli were hunted exiles in their own land.  Homanans were taught to fear them and call them demon. This is Alix's tale, the daughter of the union between Homanan princess and Cheysuli warrior and her battle to understand the alien race she had been taught to mistrust, to acknowledge the magic in her blood and accept her place in an ancient prophecy.

  • The Thiefs Gamble

    The First Tale of Einarinn. In Einarinn, the secret of magic is known only by an elite few. They live in deliberate isolation, under the watchful eye of the Archmage. Livak is a part-time thief and a full-time gambler, long used to living by her wits and narrowly avoiding serious trouble. When she attempts to sell a stolen antique to a passing merchant, she is pulled into a dangerous world of political intrigue  - the antique she acquired dates from a particular period in the history of Einarinn about which little is known, but much has been speculated.  When the truth begins to emerge, Livak decides the greatest gamble of her life.

  • Equinox
    The Keep is the most beautiful city in the world, the pinnacle of Maelir Culture and the place where secrets are kept. The fate of the Keep and its mountain lies in balance at the time of the Equinox. The Maelir want to defend it, the Faemir want to demolish it and the Windriders want to claim it. But unknown to them all, a dark force is preparing to destroy everything.
  • Patrian Transgression

    The U.S.S Enterprise is sent to Patria 1 to discuss that world's application for Federation membership.  But Captain Kirk and his landing party soon discover that the Patrians have a strict system of laws that are enforced by a telepathic police force. The crew finds themselves in the midst of the Patrians' growing unrest. Caught between the Police and a deadly group of terrorists, Kirk, Spock and the rest must fight for their lives on a world where their thoughts make them criminals - and all crimes are punishable by death.

  • House Of Gaian

    Book III of the Tir Alainn trilogy. It began as a witch hunt. But the Master-Inquisitor's plans to eliminate all traces of female power in the world have expanded to crushing the Sylvalan barons who oppose him, and to destroying the wellspring of magic in the Mother's Hills. Faced with this evil, humans, witches and the Fae form an uneasy alliance.  But even together they are not strong enough to stand against the gathering armies of the Inquisitor. They look for help from the last possible ally - the House of Gaian, the reclusive witches who rule the Mother's Hills, powerful enough to create a new world - or to destroy one. The witches' creed of Do No Harm is about to give way to a more important one: Survive. Cover art by Shane Parker.

  • Cloud Warrior

    Book I of The Amtrak Wars. Ten centuries ago the Old Time ended when Earth's cities melted in The War Of A Thousand Suns. Now the lethal high technology of the Amtrak Federation's underground stronghold is unleashed on Earth's other survivors - the surface-dwelling Mutes. But the primitive Mutes possess ancient powers  greater than any other machine.