First published in 1930 in Punch, and then in book form, 1066 quickly became a classic of English humour long before Blackadder. Here, in one volume, is ‘all the History you can remember’: 103 Good Things, 5 Bad Kings and 2 Genuine Dates. From the Olden Days –  dashing queen Woadicea to the reigns of the Eggkings – Eggberd, Eggbreth and Eggforth – and their mysterious Eggdeath; the Dreadful Story of Stephen and his aunt Matilda (or Maud) to the Magna Charter; the Six Burglars of Calais to the Disillusion of the Monasteries and the life of Broody Mary; Williamanmary, when England was ruled by an orange, to the Boston Tea-Party and the annoying confusion between Napoleon and Nelson; and Fresh Attempts to Amuse Queen Victoria to the Peace to end Peace. A riotous romp through  the essential history of England.  Illustrated by John Reynolds. Classic English humour long before Blackadder.