The Ring: It begins as another urban  legend – the whispered tale of a nightmarish videotape that causes anyone to watch it to die seven days later. But when four teenagers all meet with mysterious deaths exactly one week after watching just such a tape, investigative reporter Rachel Keller tracks down the video and watches it. Now, the legend is coming true…the clock is ticking…and Rachel has seven days to unravel the mystery of The Ring. Also stars David Dorfman, Jane Alexander, Brian Cox and Daveigh Chase. The Ring 2: To escape their haunting memories, Rachel and her son start a new life in a  small Oregon town. But when evidence at a crime scene reveals a mysterious unmarked videotape, Rachel realises the relentless cycle of horror is going to continue  and only a life-or-death battle can decide things once and for all. Also stars David Dorfman, Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole and Sissy Spacek.