Book VII of Elric of Melnibone; Book II in chronological order. Lord Gho Fhaazi seeks the principal seat on the ruling Council of Seven of the city of Quarzhasaat. He lures Elric into seeking the Pearl at the Heart of the World – the price of admission to the council – by addicting him to a slow-acting poison to which he, the Lord Gho, has the only antidote. Elric faces a course of monstrous and horrifying obstacles, is pitted against the Sorcerer Adventurers, servants of Quarzhasatt’s jaded rich, and then is thrust into a dreamworld within the mind of an adolescent girl. Trapped in a comatose state by the Sorcerer Adventurers, she is undergoing her own rite of passage into adulthood. Through the vast and turbulent landscape of the Dream Realm, guided by the Dreamthief Lady Oone, Elric seeks the Pearl. To help with any confusion as to where this volume fits into the Elric-verse, please click here: