This extraordinary story opens in the wilds of Queensland.  The year is 1953. Roger Hargreaves, an Anglican priest in the Bush Brotherhood, is called to minister to the dying Stevie – an aged, alcoholic, opium-smoking, diseased ex-pilot and ex-ringer. Caught in Stevie’s squalid cabin in a heavy rainy season, Hargreaves struggles with recurring malaria whilst on deathwatch for Stevie. As both men are in altered mental states the story shifts and Stevie becomes David Anderson, a decorated member of the Royal Australian Air Force, telling his story to Hargreaves. But ‘David Anderson’, a man of mixed European and Aboriginal ancestry, is a first rate pilot chosen by his country to be a member of an elite test pilot team in the UK. – in 1983.  Not only that, ‘David’ is involved in an astonishing constitutional crisis in this strange future.