Ten years have passed since Arthur Conan Doyle and the brilliant Jack Sparks met and cracked the deadly case of The List of 7.  Now off to America for his first book tour, Doyle is joined by his impetuous younger brother Innes and a cryptic Irish priest. During their Atlantic voyage the men are stalked by an otherworldly order of assassins attempting to steal a priceless book of ancient mysticism from the ship’s cargo. The Book of Zohar is the first piece of a puzzle that will see Doyle cross the young nation – from the foul sums of lower Manhattan to the dark alleys of Chicago – and finally, an apocalyptic confrontation in the searing Arizona desert. Doyle and his companions track the paths of the six mysterious strangers who are united by a dream of a black tower rising from a wasteland and a river of blood. As their paths converge, Doyle and his friends confront an evil so dark and profound it threatens to obliterate the very fabric of the world. Cover art by Daniel Horne.