Book III of The Quintara Marathon. Three galactic empires existed in uneasy proximity. Each was led by completely different life forms with only one thing in common – demons. Each had a legend of humanoid creatures with hooves and horns, representing supernatural power and unspeakable evil. The similarity of the legends across the galaxy had led some to theorise that they had some basis in fact. Unfortunately, they were right; an expedition exploring an uncharted planet discovered, sealed in transparent cells, two horned creatures, gigantic in stature, perfectly preserved and very much alive. The three empires sent rescue missions which arrived too late to help the expedition members, slaughtered by the demons – but not too late to pursue the demons through a gate into another space-time continuum. The three missions have fought each other all the way but now they must help each other against the menace of the re-awakened demons – not just for their survival, but the survival of the 90 trillion Fausts, 90 trillion beings in danger of losing their souls. Fortunately – although the demons have proven themselves invulnerable to any weapon known in the three empires – the beings of the mission are about to discover that they have very unusual allies. After all, if demons – why not angels? Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.