Seventeen accounts of archaeological discoveries, taken from the writings of those who have uncovered the remains, ruins and relics.  Chapters: The World of Meket-Re; Tut.ankh.amen: The Wealth of An Egyptian King; Jericho: The Earliest Portraits; The Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls; The Treasure Ship of Sutton Woo; Stonehenge; Maiden Castle: The First British War Cemetery; Archaeology From The Air. Archaeology From The Sea: The Mahdia Wreck;  A Royal Tomb At Ur; The Winged Lions Of Nimrud; Behistun: A Key to Hisotry; Lascaux: A Painted Cave; The Frozen Mammoth; The Mystery Of Tollund Man; The Boy From The Lead Moutain; Pompeii: A City Buried Alive. With black and white photos.