Former psychiatric nurse turned comedienne Jo Brand, best known here for her appearances on QI and Getting On, does not hold back on her opinions of men and the balls-up they’ve made of the world. No-one escapes – From Henry VIII to Mao Zedong to Elvis Presley, everyone gets equal roasting. On Sid Vicious: They had their own special language, which involved the use of phrases like, ‘F*** off, you tosser,’ particularly if they liked someone…On Martin Luther: Being declared a heretic in those days wasn’t a barrel of laughs – it didn’t take much for you to be playing the starring kebab role. On Rasputin: …hair greasy enough to fry an egg on, eyes that would have been at home in Marty Feldman’s face and a tunic that could make it back to Siberia on its own…’  There’s plenty of Jo Brand’s particular brand of  irreverent wryness to shock you into laughs.