Lovejoy No. 21. Lovejoy is not a great fan of London – in fact, he avoids it at all costs. But as an uncharacteristically generous favor to high-class criminal and friend Dosh Callaghan, he agrees to go to the capital to find out who has been passing off fake gemstones. In between trawling the famous markets of Bermondsey, Camden Passage, and Portobello for information, he decides to pay a visit to his old friends Colette and Arthur Goldhorn. But he is in for a dreadful surprise – for the Goldhorn’s King’s Road shop has been taken over by a wealthy German businessman, Dieter Gluck. As a result, Arthur has died and Colette is living on the streets with her fifteen-year-old son. He’s a handsome lad, with an oddly familiar face and an apparent genius for sensing genuine articles from fake. Lovejoy vows to avenge Arthur’s death and restore Colette to her rightful place as the leading antiques dealer in Chelsea. Unfortunately, getting on the wrong side of Herr Gluck is a very dangerous game indeed. But then, it’s just that kind of excitement that Lovejoy seems to thrive on.