Danny Hawkins is  a bright lad who wants to grow up to be a scientist like his father, who died in an accident in space. But Danny is a victim of polio and lives a restricted life with his mother in a remote corner on Earth. One day eminent scientist Samuel Gob;e arrives at Danny’s home to recruit him to join a special scientific exploration on Triton, one of Neptune’s moons. The team will be a small group of gifted children who will be transformed by matter transmission into creatures capable of surviving the crushing gravity and poisonous atmosphere of Neptune’s surface. Transformed, Danny will never miss the use of his arms and legs – Goble says that he will be the same as all the others. And this top secret mission, in its early project stage, was the one that claimed Danny’s father’s life. They are to explore the planet Neptune and try and establish contact with an alien race that seems to be  colonising the planet.   Cover art by Bob Walters.